the shocking tale of the councilor Oneto


An unpleasant incident occurred Wednesday night, on a bus


ALESSANDRIA – "I would have been ready to stop the bus too". The municipal councilor of Alexandria Vittoria Oneto told Radio Gold about the unpleasant incident that involved her on a bus on Wednesday night while she was on her way home. The representative of the Democratic Party in fact she firmly reproached a passenger who had refused to let a black girl sit in the free seat next to her just climbed together with her mother and her younger brother.

"The lady looked at the child and said:"No, you don't sit here"" reads on the advisor's Facebook profile "I tell the woman to move the bag and sit the baby but she insists and he arrogantly tells me to mind my own business. At that point I raise my voice more and more and intimate in a bad way to make the child sit down immediately and be ashamed with all the breath in my throat. The lady then seats her but continues to mumble and look disgusted at the child".

"It had never happened to me before I experienced such a situation, I felt like I was out of time" Vittoria Oneto added to Radio GoldI acted with instinct, the same instinct that unfortunately marked the behavior of that lady. That was not rudeness. I'm 100% sure that if, in place of that child, my daughter had been there, the woman would have made her sit down. Unfortunately we live a historic moment that perhaps legitimizes these people to have less hesitancy, to feel legitimate in doing so. How did the girl react? I hope you didn't understand what happened. The mother, rightly, remained on the sidelines and did not intervene: I think he did it so as not to worry his daughter and he did well. "

"I got off the bus and cried" added Oneto on Facebook again "for the nervous, for the sadness, for the sense of defeat I felt and try. As if these days were not already painful. Is this what we are? Is this what we want to be? I don't want to believe it. "

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