The sexual abuse of the director of radiology. Manfredonia astounded by the violence perpetrated by Bisceglia


Manfredonia astonished for the story of the doctor who abused the patients. The arrested person is Nicola Bisceglia, class of '57, director of the Radiology department of the San Camillo de Lellis hospital.

A Bisceglia five episodes of sexual violence are disputed. Facts discovered by the police, the first even in 2004, another in 2005, then two in 2017, and finally one in 2019. The investigations started last February and uncovered the whole affair. The police dug up to retrieve the names of the victims who told investigators the "modus operandi" of the doctor of the San Camillo de Lellis hospital.

The investigations they left thanks to the denunciation of the last victim who had the courage to speak to the police about the violence suffered.

The doctor, in the course of the health examinations conducted against his patients at the Sipontino hospital, allegedly abused their condition of psychic inferiority resulting from the patient-health psychological dependency relationship, forcing them to suffer sexual acts against their will.

In particular, the doctor, in some cases, suggested the possibility existence of pathologies that in reality were non-existent, and this in order to provoke a state of shock such as to strengthen the entrustment in him by the patients, or used the excuse of having to perform particular diagnostic investigations, especially with the use of an ultrasound machine, of which in reality there is no it was needed, or in any case they were ineffective compared to the real needs.

With these expedients he induced women to undress, taking advantage of groping their breasts and buttocks or rubbing their genitals on their bodies. In some cases, almost as if it were a real gynecological examination, he touched them in his private parts even penetrating them with his fingers, where instead the patients had turned to him to perform tests on completely different body parts such as a shoulder , the abdomen, the sternum and, in one case, even a heel.

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