The serial codes of the Secret Gift are region free in Pokemon Sword and Shield


You always wanted the exclusive Japanese or American downloadable with serial codes of the Secret Gift? In Sword and Shield Pokemon, the new eighth generation video games for Nintendo Switch, all this is possible: the serial codes are no longer linked to the regions to which they belong, but they are region free as has already happened for Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!

The distributions of the secret gifts are initiatives that have been active for several generations in Pokemon video games, since the days when they could be exchanged Pokebambole with the infrared communication system of the GameBoy Color to embellish your own bedrooms in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. The function has evolved to the present day to provide players pre-sales bonus, Event Pokemon, instruments is clothes for your own game avatar.

One of the ways to get a secret gift is through the serial codes distributed by Nintendo, The Pokemon Company or the chain stores that promote these initiatives. Recently, on the occasion of the marketing campaign of Pokemon Sword and Shield, we've seen around the world a great variety of clothes available by pre-ordering games from this or that chain of stores in different countries. An example is the beautiful one T-shirt dedicated to Pokemon Quest present in the image below, donated by Pokemon Secret Club to Japanese players who have ordered the game in recent months.

The team of Serebii has discovered and documented that these serial codes are redeemable even in countries other than your own version of the game. This means that, for example, if you come into possession of the Japanese Pokemon Quest code, you can import it into your game even if your version of the game is American or European.

We also remind you that a special one Meowth able to have the Gigamax form it is redeemable as secret gift via the internet from the game menu, up to 15 January 2020.

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