It took more than 10 years to return to the goal of moving to the Champions League knockout rounds, with two rounds to spare. The year was 2008, the bianconeri were slowly climbing the current, after the 2006 earthquake, and broke the ticket in the then group h, going to violate even the Santiago Bernabeu on November 5, 2008, with a sumptuous brace from Alex Del Piero (captain wishes again) first on the counterattack, and then with one of his classic punishments. It was a historic evening, also because the success in the Madrid temple had been missing for 46 years. That Juventus was led by Claudio Ranieri, and lined up, among others, the Swedish central defender Mellberg, the mysterious object Tiago, the willing Marchionni in midfield, and Amauri in attack.

Returning to the present day, but also remembering the past never hurts, especially to not forget where we left off, the signal arrived from Moscow is very heavy. The team won't be perfect yet, and if it were today, sometimes it won't be fun, but when it's needed it can also be ruthless. And this is the most important fact, given how much you can waste in the championship. The growth process continues according to the parameters, indeed the roadmap records progress that we frankly would not have expected. And when, as the coach says, even the six seven players who have yet to grow up, will be at the top, there will really be fun

But let me say that I am not really passionate about the debate on the "good game". I leave it to those who do not look at the Bianconeri with sympathy. I understand, that to a team that wins, that in the league has made it to the top of the rankings, and that in the Champions League for now has not missed a shot, we can charge very little, so that's why we go in search of the fateful hair in the egg . However, I ask the Juventus fans not to be attracted by this sort of trappolone. Having fun watching a football match is undoubtedly an added value, but the teams eventually remember for what they bring home, for the trophies they manage to win. Everything else, right or wrong, takes second place.

And please, let's not talk about the Cristiano Ronaldo case. It is true, the Portuguese is going through a moment as a "terrestrial" player, he pulls less in goal, creates fewer chances to score less, and is even less precise in the passages. But it remains a huge added value, its mere presence in the field creates apprehension in the players and opposing coaches. I am convinced that it is a great fortune to have him on our side, and rest assured that when we enter the season, the "king" will wear the best suit

Maurizio Sarri has enormous potential in his hands. A machine that has yet to be perfected, especially in the control stages of the race where there are objectively too many comebacks suffered, and in the management of the players. Now that fortunately the infirmary is gradually being emptied, the initial eleven will not be a trivial matter. How can you keep a Douglas Costa out right now? And the Welsh more and more at ease in the Juve mechanisms? And who to leave on the bench between Dybala and Higuan? The strength of a great team is to have a squad that allows any kind of solution, the difference between a good coach and an excellent bench strategist is knowing how to keep everyone on the line so as to draw an important role for each element.

The season is still at dawn, but the first important signs arrive. The nerve crisis of the Inter coach, more worn out by Juventus than by the anxiety of the results of his team, the "cinepanettone" chaos that was staged in these hours in Naples, make us understand that really power wears out those who have not . Eye, in the league, to the potential surprises, Rome above all, but the feeling always remains one. Juventus can be the master of its own destiny, of strength, solidity of the society, mentality and habit of managing every kind of situation. Below with Milan, to immediately resume the top of the standings. It would be the best way to get to the last stop of the season.



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