THE ROME – Edo De Laurentiis-Allan, lavagana and slap all fake! There have been moments of tension


Today's edition of Il Roma tells some background of the dispute between Edo De Laurentiis and Allan Marques.

The fuse was lit by the clash between Edo De Laurentiis is Allan Marques. Most likely, if the vice president and the midfielder didn't come almost to hands the situation would take a different turn. There was talk of an inscription by the manager on the locker room blackboard then canceled by a warehouse worker. None of this. Edo De Laurentiis only went to the team to enforce his father's wishes. Communicating to the group that there was also a prize in favor of the players in case of victory that would have been worth the qualification for the knockout round of the Champions League. From there the reaction of the Brazilian who would have said: «Put the money in the c … ».

Naturally the vice president reacted and risked a fight. Avoided by the rest of the players who intervened to divide the two. Naturally he told himself about everything and more. That even Allan would have slapped the manager. Nothing true. Certainly, however, the two experienced moments of tension. Which are reflected on the changing room environment. To intervene, however, was Insigne. Which he then chose together with the leaders to refuse the withdrawal. Yesterday, however, the young De Laurentiis also went to the San Paolo. Edo sat down in the Tribune of Honor to watch the training. Training contested by the few subscribers who had had the privilege of entering the San Paolo. It is said that at the end of the work, in the same locker room where the clash took place, the vice president and the South American footballer would have clarified the incident. Evidence of thawing, therefore, between the property and the player. For the good of all of course. Especially for the Naples seen and considered that it is still at the beginning of November and it must arrive in May reaching certain goals. Maybe arriving as far as possible in the Champions League and conquering it again by winning at least fourth place.

The Brazilian at the moment is still injured but given his qualities he serves as the bread to the Parthenopean cause. Ancelotti does not have a midfielder with his own characteristics. Therefore, if common sense has prevailed, steps have been taken to find a little peace on the eve of a meeting that is now more important than ever against Genoa. Taking the field to challenge the Grifo with discussions still to be solved is not the case. Maybe then there will also be a meeting with the president to apologize.

Source: Salviatore Caiazza for Il Roma.

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