The report cards of Rome – Pau Lopez saves the situation. Lost shepherd


Final result: Parma 2, Rome 0.

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The report cards of Rome - Pau Lopez saves the situation. Lost shepherd

Pau Lopez 7 – Bravo on the dirty left of Cornelius and on the much more linear one of Gagliolo. In the end he also says no to Kulusevski.

Spinazzola 6 – The duel with Gervinho announced exciting, but must hoist the white flag after 25 '. From 26 ' Santon 6 – It supports the maneuver, but without the right conviction.

Fazio 5.5 – He loses all the direct confrontations with Cornelius, who has another step tonight. From 71 ' Diawara 5.5 – Wrong player for a race like that of Tardini, he risks only to charge himself with a yellow card.

Smalling 6.5 – Even tonight, largely positive: a couple of advances save the defense before the final capitulation.

Kolarov 5.5 – He has seen better days: the free-kick pole is the best moment of his race.

Mancini 6 – It is noted for a ball literally "uprooted" by the feet of Hernani and for little else: it was not the race suited to its characteristics.

Veretout 5 – Kulusevski dirtyes every possession and soon the Frenchman is isolated from the game of his team. Better in the second half, but not by much.

Zaniolo 5.5 – A lot of good will but little incisiveness today for the ex-Inter jewel: its series of consecutive goals stops at Tardini.

Shepherd 5 – Create the most insidious conclusion of the evening for Sepe is true, but in the first half is totally lost. Remarkable step backwards. From 65 ' Under 6 – Encouraging return: it creates a nice danger with an accident from the edge, but it is not an evening.

Kluivert 5.5 – Sprint start and disappointing final: between lost balls and some "dip" fails to help the team despite the differential Pass compared to Darmian.

Dzeko 5.5 – The many consecutive games begin to weigh: today totally harmless for Parma's defense and his only shot is in clear offside position.

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