The report cards of Naples – Bene Koulibaly and Zielinski. Attack without ideas


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The report cards of Naples - Bene Koulibaly and Zielinski. Attack without ideas

Ospina 6 – Few dangers, when he cannot intervene, his teammates replace the Colombian and save his door.

Di Lorenzo 5.5 – A decent first half, then a defense always in trouble. Pajac and Agudelo do the good and the bad weather and come too easily to the bottom.

Maksimovic 6 – Orderly and precise, it unravels a couple of complicated situations and tries to make itself dangerous in the opposing area.

Koulibaly 6.5 – As usual, he takes a few too many licenses, but tonight he signs one of the best seasonal performances. Miraculously his speech slipped to deny the joy of the goal to Pinamonti.

Hysaj 6.5 – Once again, the Albanian full-back shows, as usual, that he is reliable, especially on defense. Decisive a rescue on Pinamonti in the second half. ('84 ' Luperto s.v.).

Callejon 5.5 – One of the most active of the Naples attack. Try several times to enter the opposing area without being able to make yourself dangerous. Di Lorenzo doesn't help much in defense, especially in the second half. (From 60 ' Llorente 5.5 – Too slow in the restarts, he fails to put forward weight and centimeters in the penalty area in the final forcing, also because he is not well served).

Fabian Ruiz 5 – The bad copy of the sumptuous player admired until a few weeks ago. Napoli does not change gear also because there is no phosphorus in midfield.

Zielinski 6.5 – One of the best seasonal matches of the Polish, always in the heart of the maneuver and dangerous with the conclusions from the distance.

Insigne 5.5 – Ready-off, he finds the goal immediately, but Calvarese cancels Lozano for offside. Then it goes out and never gives the impression of being able to engrave. Among the most booed, even at the time of the change. (From 66 ' Elmas 6 – It goes out at the distance and in the end goes one step away from the net. Radu makes a great intervention).

Mertens 5.5 – It deviates all along the offensive front and tries to make itself dangerous, but it never has the opportunity to affect.

Lozano 5 – Very bad evening for the Mexican. Wrong so much, he is not very lucid and reactive. He looks like a fish out of water, but Ancelotti keeps him on the field until the end.

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