The report cards of Italy U21 – Kean, two kicks to the controversy. Unpublished Cutrone


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The report cards of Italy U21 - Kean, two kicks to the controversy. Unpublished Cutrone

Carnesecchi 6.5 – Great reflection at the start of the first half, with the foot. Identical to the one at the beginning of filming, always with the lower part of the body. Also attentive in the exits, smart to read the game always in the right way.

Adjapong 6 – It is never surprising and, when it can, it goes forward. So far zero minutes with Hellas Verona, but in the National team he shows he has good qualities.

Del Prato 7 – Show that you know how to play both as a middle and fullback. Not affected by the change of role and gives security to the department. Find the 6-0 goal with a nice right from the outside: a shot not as a defender.

Rainier 6.5 – More like a saber than a foil, as it should be with the conditions of the Massimino lawn. His interventions always bring the desired results. From 64 'Bettella 6 – Preserves his area well, intervenes with the right timing on two occasions.

Room 6.5 – Always proactive in the offensive phase, it forms an excellent axis with Cutrone on the left-hand lane. It comes out at the beginning of recovery due to rotation issues. From 56 'Tripaldelli 6 – Ordinary administration, it gives a little freshness to the team.

Zanellato 7 – Full-field midfielder, puts pressure on opponents but keeps the right lucidity to serve his teammates. And it also takes away the whim of the goal with an easy easy reply. From the 63 'Maistro 6 – Fresh debut, Nicolato gives him another presence. Make up a yellow.

Carraro 6.5 – He is very good at dictating the timing of the game, but at the same time his work is fundamental in recovering the ball on the opposing sides.

Locatelli 7 – Play for practically ten, with so much imagination. He is holding the national team, as a true captain. One of the best performances in the national team so far. From 83 'Major s.v.

Kean 7.5 – Try to silence the controversy by doing what you like best: scoring. First it is cold face to face with Aslanyan, then it is quick to sling on a riveted and anticipate the defender. Two goals from a true striker.

Pinamonti 7.5 – Finally the Genoa striker is also released. Preferred to Scamacca, he repays Nicolato's trust by becoming the protagonist of almost all of Italy: assists, goals and many dangerous conclusions. From 56 'Scamacca 7 – Super impact: not even sixty seconds pass and finds the net with a nice header that first gives a kiss to the crossbar. And it even touches the brace.

Cutrone 7 – Less conclusions and more finishes. An unpublished Cutrone, left wing, fantasy version. Not a '9', but an '11', with the number 10 on the shoulder. Only the goal is missing.

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