The report cards of Insigne – It goes out and collapses under the whistles: rejected already at 66 '



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

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The report cards of Insigne - It goes out and collapses under the whistles: rejected already at 66 '

"He only manages to put a dangerous ball in the area. He collapses under the whistles," he writes this morning La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Ready-off, he immediately finds the goal, but Calvarese cancels for Lozano's offside. Then he turns off and never gives the impression of being able to make an impact. Among the most booed, even at the time of the change", was instead the reading of last night up here TMW. "For half an hour I don't mind, but then it literally crashes. And Goodbye", is finally the consideration of the Corriere dello Sport. Captain Lorenzo Insignethey all say it was not able to drag its Napoli out of the crisis against Genoa, offering insufficient performance and ending up being replaced after just an hour of play. This is not the case, neither for him nor for the Azzurri.

These are all the votes of Insigne:
TMW: 5.5
La Gazzetta dello Sport: 5
Corriere dello Sport: 5
Tuttosport: 5
TuttoNapoli: 5 – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Other news Serie A

  • 10.11 19:33 – Thieves from Allan, CdM: "Digos suspects links with disputes"
  • 10.11 19:28 – TMW Pres. Lecce: "Clear regulation, rigor had to be repeated"
  • 10.11 19:25 – Parma ahead against Roma, scored Sprocati
  • 10.11 19:14 – TMW Sampdoria, Depaoli: "Against Udinese it will be like a final"
  • 10.11 19:09 – Juric: "Inter team very strong, always gives you very little"
  • 10.11 19:03 – Atalanta, Marino: "Last man on Barrow, Irrati was helped"
  • 10.11am 19.00 – Udinese, Gotti: "Bravo Musso, important parade. The goals will come"
  • 10.11 18:56 – Parma, Scozzarella at 45 ': "We hope to maintain this intensity"
  • 10.11 18:53 – At Tardini two injuries and zero goals: Parma better on points, Roma suffers
  • 10.11 18:50 – TMW SPAL, Valdifiori: "We wanted to win for the fans. Now head to Genoa"
  • 10.11 18:31 – TMW Lazio, Strakosha: "Criticism? I don't care. We believe in the UCL"
  • 10.11 18:17 – 6 points in 5 races: Sampdoria sick, but the Ranieri cure starts working
  • 10.11 18:12 – TMW SPAL, S. Colombarini: "Today three points would have been too much"
  • 10.11 18:08 – TMW Lazio, Milinkovic-Savic: "The goal? They were already writing that I was out of shape …"
  • 10.11 18:06 – TMW Sampdoria, flexor problem of the right leg for Bonazzoli
  • 10.11 18:01 – Gasp does not speak, Marino: "The match turned from yellow to Ferrari"
  • 10.11 17:58 – Lazio, Milinkovic-Savic sure: "We are aiming to enter the top four"
  • 10.11 17:56 – Goal canceled in Lapadula, the reasons for Manganiello's decision
  • 10.11 17:53 – Udinese-SPAL, the votes to the technicians: Gotti in the points, Simple good tactically
  • 10.11 17:52 – LIVE Lecce, Sticchi Damiani: "Embittered. Rule not applied"
  • 10.11 5:50 – Parma, Faggiano Sure: "Nobody moves in January"
  • 10.11 17:48 – Rome, Petrachi: "Bitterness after Borussia. Pastor player found"
  • 10.11 17:41 – Samp-Atalanta, the votes to the technicians: tactical lesson of Ranieri. Gasp is not enough
  • 10.11 17:41 – LIVE Samp, Ranieri: "Good guys. Ferrari? There is a regulation"
  • 10.11 17:38 – Lazio-Lecce, the voices to the technicians – Inzaghi flies, Liverani unlucky
  • 10.11 17:37 – Pres. Lecce: "Match conditioned by referee errors, rigor to be reiterated"
  • 10.11 17:34 – TMW SPAL, F. Colombarini: "This point is gold, we need it to start again"
  • 10.11 17:32 – TMW Italy, Verratti forfeit: Tonali summoned. Esposito in U21
  • 10.11 17:29 – LIVE Atalanta, Marino: "Ferrari was red, Irrati had to be helped"
  • 10.11 17:27 – LIVE Lazio, Inzaghi: "The break? Given the results I would have preferred to continue"
First Marotta, then Barella: yesterday Inter responded twice to Conte (who is in an iron barrel). But in the viewfinder there was above all the market: in January Ausilio will have to 'raise the revs of the engine' "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

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