The report cards of Cagliari – monstrous Nainggolan, Rog in a state of grace



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

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The report cards of Cagliari - monstrous Nainggolan, Rog in a state of grace

CAGLIARI-FIORENTINA 5-2 – 17 'Rog, 26' Pisacane, 34 'Simeone, 54' Joao Pedro, 65 'Nainggolan, 75' and 87 'Vlahovic

Olsen 6.5 – Responsive when called into question has the merit of never allowing Fiorentina to reopen the game.
Hunter 6.5 – He still wins the runoff with Faragò and is a working gear of a perfect mechanism. The maneuver often sees him involved and he makes very little mistake, advancing more often than not.
Pisacane 7.5 – Impeccable behind, lethal in front. Score his first goal this season.
Klavan 7 – Repay Maran's trust with another capital test. Get on the ball first, whether it's plane or low shot. This afternoon gives the impression of doing everything very easily.
Pellegrini 6.5 – An interesting prospect for Italian football. As a hunter he is an active part of the fantastic choir action of the rossoblus.
Nandez 6.5 – In the midfield department today it is the one that is less noticeable but in truth its role is important. The contrasts win, the maneuver flips, teammates start. (From 83 ' Ragatzu sv).
Cigarini 7 – Excellent test in the control room. The goal of the 1-0 starts from his feet and it is always him, on a corner kick, to feed Pisacane for the encore.
Rog 7.5 – He is on the ball and can be understood from the first minutes. He takes the ball and there is no way to remove it. He is the finalizer of the splendid choral action of the advantage, he starts the 3-0 action.
Nainggolan 9 – Three assists (wonderful the first) and a masterpiece goal to reward him for a simply perfect test. The Ninja seen today is one of the best times, from the Champions League. (From 78 ' Castro sv).
Joao Pedro 7 – Today's Cagliari looks like Brazil and being a Brazilian he is like a fish in water. And given the rain in Sardinia we are on the subject. There is on the occasion of the first goal, jokes the purple defense and drops the poker celebrating in the best way the contract renewal.
Simeon 7 – One of the worst players of the last Serie A. One of the most beautiful surprises this year. For the "Cholito" the goal of the former was inevitable, after having touched it after a few minutes. He does not exult but he would have good reason to do so. Send Milenkovic into a tailspin. (From 74 ' Cerri sv). – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Other news Serie A

  • 10.11 4:38 – Babacar is wrong from the spot, Building no: Lazio-Lecce 3-1
  • 10.11 4:37 – Agnelli Torinese of the year: "Juve leading company, wins because he decides"
  • 10.11 4:28 – TMW Cagliari, Rog: "Naples? I'm sure it will recover"
  • 10.11 4:22 – Milinkovic-Savic brings Lazio forward: 2-1 to Lecce in the 61st
  • 10.11 4:18 pm – TMW Fiorentina, Vlahovic: "The goals? I'm only half happy"
  • 10.11 4:09 – TMW Cagliari, Nainggolan: "We are more aware and dominate the races"
  • 10.11 4:04 – Fiorentina, Commisso: "I didn't like the viola. Bravo Vlahovic"
  • 10.11 15:59 – Cagliari, Rog: "Happy with this victory. We can still improve"
  • 10.11 15:51 – Correa calls, Lapadula responds: 1-1 between Lazio and Lecce in the 45th minute
  • 10.11 15:51 – Sampdoria held up well: 0-0 with Atalanta at 45 'between the Ferraris walls
  • 10.11 15:51 – Sampdoria, Ferrari at 45 ': "There is confidence for the second half"
  • 10.11 15:50 – SPAL, Strefezza at 45 ': "I miss the goal, but sooner or later it will come"
  • 10.11 15:48 – Many opportunities, no goals: the first half of Udinese-SPAL ends 0-0
  • 10.11 15:47 – Lecce, Lapadula at 45 ': "We are playing it openly"
  • 10.11 15:45 – TMW Fiorentina, Prade: "Montella does not risk. We will not go into retreat"
  • 10.11 15:43 – Lapadula is reborn, Lecce's draw in the 40th minute. Everything to be redone for Lazio
  • 10.11 15:40 – TMW Cagliari, Maran: "Being satisfied today would be the first mistake"
  • 10.11 15:34 – Assisted by Luis Alberto, goal by Correa: Lazio-Lecce 1-0 in the half-hour
  • 10.11 15:26 – Fiorentina too ugly to be true. Vlahovic unique happy note
  • 10.11 15:21 – Nainggolan: "This Cagliari deserves a few more pages"
  • 10.11 15:12 – Nainggolan and the outcast band that is doing great Cagliari
  • 10.11 15:10 – LIVE Fiorentina, Montella: "We can't afford similar debacle"
  • 10.11 15:03 – Lazio, Property awarded before the challenge against Lecce: it is the MVP of October
  • 10.11 15:02 – Fiorentina, Montella: "We are not up to temperament level"
  • 10.11 14:57 – Udinese, Marino: "The future of Gotti? Let's see. Football is all about the future"
  • 10.11 14:57 – Fiorentina, Montella: "Little to comment, today an ordeal"
  • 10.11 14:54 – SPAL, Gazzoli: "We want to be in Serie A at the end of the season"
  • 10.11 14:53 – Cagliari, Maran: "In Nainggolan I said he made a bad goal"
  • 10.11 14:52 – Udinese, Troost-Ekong: "I like Gotti, with him there is more intensity"
  • 10.11 14:51 – SPAL, Paloschi: "We must stay united and realize the opportunities"
First Marotta, then Barella: yesterday Inter responded twice to Conte (who is in an iron barrel). But in the viewfinder there was above all the market: in January Ausilio will have to 'raise the revs of the engine' "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

The report cards of Fiorentina - Almost all sink. Vlahovic, bitter goals "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 CAGLIARI-FIORENTINA 5-2 – 17 'Rog, 26' Pisacane, 34 'Simeone, 54' Joao Pedro, 65 'Nainggolan, 75' and 87 'Vlahovic

Dragowski 6 – He could have done something more, maybe. He is caught in a ball and objectively in an afternoon so it's really hard to work.
Milenkovic 4 – Comes …

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