The Report, by Scott Z. Burns. The review of Sentieri Selvaggi


The Report, by Scott Z. Burns

In December 2014, a report on the torture of the CIA against political prisoners was published. The new methods of combating terrorism began the day after 9/11. For several years American public opinion and the White House remained in the dark, only to receive reassurances and statistics on the effectiveness of these inhuman interrogations that the pages of the dossier revealed completely false. It was a team organized by Senator Diane Feinstein (Annette Bening) and coordinated by Daniel Jones (an excellent Adam Driver) to discover Pandora's box. The investigation began in 2009 and lasted five long years of obstacles, negotiations, omissions.

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That of Daniel Jones, the protagonist of this film written and directed by Scott Z. Burns (Contagion, The Bourne Ultimatum, Side effects, Panama Papers), is a parable of justice, of the search for truth, but also a journey into one of the most obscure pages of recent American history. The Report is one of those films that we have already seen other times, but that we want / must continue to see if we believe in a civic dimension of entertainment. A rigorous work that recounts democracy to work, inevitably the daughter of that American political cinema born from the 70s. The main reference is once again All the president's men and it could not be otherwise since Pakula's film is one of the great masterpieces of American cinema, fundamental in the film and ethical formation of Burns and his mentor – here in the role of producer – Steven Soderbergh. IS The Report he recovers the very dry style, the essential scenographies, a very careful journalistic writing to the technical details of the investigations, to the testimonies, to the facts.

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In the stacking of data and dialogues consumed between claustrophobic basements and the rooms of power, the writer and director also makes radical choices, such as to completely cancel the intimate and private dimension of the protagonist and concentrate entirely and obsessively on his work, or that to show the tortures of the CIA avoiding any form of voyeuristic morbidity. A small lesson in look, writing, style.

Original title: id.
Directed by: Scott Z. Burns
Performers: Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, Annette Bening, Ted Levine, Michael C. Hall, Tim Blake Nelson, Guy Boyd
Distribution: Amazon Prime Video
Duration: 120 ′
Origin: USA, 2019

The evaluation of the Sentieri Selvaggi film

The vote for the film is by Simone Emiliani

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