The referee Oliver still in trouble: protagonist in Liverpool-City and the web does not forgive


The game between Liverpool and Manchester City would have a lot to say. And in fact it immediately keeps its promises. The first 600 seconds of the match are absolutely full of adrenaline, tension, goals, entertainment and … episodes. And like any self-respecting Oscar-winning blockbuster, there are also those who take the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor a priori. The award, of course, is to Oliver.

RIGOR – The "crime" is consumed after just 5 minutes of play: Alexander Arnold has his arm wide, too, when the ball slams on his limb. The ball also bangs on the outside thigh but the first touch is obviously suspect. Oliver, however, let it continue and Liverpool found the lead of the advantage on a reversal in front. A fairly serious mistake that obviously triggers protests. And the irony. Oliver, in fact, has gone down in history due to the penalty awarded to Real which has unleashed the wrath of Buffon. And nobody has forgotten on the web. One of the comments of Italian fans is hilarious …

RUINED – From the English perspective, however, at least on the part of neutral spectators, it is clear above all the regret for a decision that will probably affect the outcome of the big match. Oliver has never been very popular in his homeland, but the mistake made certainly does not increase the popularity rating of the English fans, on the contrary. The feeling is that his relationship is destined to become even more complicated. There are those who accuse him of being home. For others, it is simply … inadequate.

"Michael Oliver has destroyed the beauty of this game … How come it is not rigor. And he was the same Manchester City referee against Tottenham .. Oliver is a disgrace

Michael Oliver, just like in the Real Madrid and Juve match, has no … courage to whistle against home teams, it has always been like that and always will be.

"Oliver was terrible today. Very poor as an arbitrator "

"Michael Oliver should never again arbitrate a big meeting … He could easily consult the VAR for the handball, mthen he chose not to do it and continues to make these mistakes "

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