the puppy with its tail in front


The unicorn dog exists, here is the small Narvalo, the puppy with its tail in front

"The Mac mission", An association of volunteers that deals with the protection of animals, he found a puppy in the streets of Jackson, the capital of the US state of Mississippi, which was probably abandoned by its owners. However, this adorable little dog, found together with other larger dogs, has a curious peculiarity. In fact, the puppy has a tail that grows on the forehead.

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The foundation was thrilled to have saved him and other dogs from the cold. They published his photos asking people to find a home for these strays. The volunteers called the puppy "Narvalo, the little magical hairy unicorn", To jokingly emphasize the resemblance to the famous cetacean that has the characteristic of having a tooth, similar to a vine, on the forehead.

Many immediately wondered if Narvalo's little tail was a nuisance to him. But the vets did not find anything strange in the animal, apart from a slight injury to the paw. Sharing an update on his health, the foundation wrote: "The extra queue is not connected to anything and has no other use than to make it the most adorable puppy ever».

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