The probable formations of Gladbach-Rome: Perotti from 1 '. Thuram tip?


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The probable formations of Gladbach-Rome: Perotti from 1 '. Thuram tip?

Roma appear at Borussia Park with the intention of taking revenge after snatching it at home due to the referee Collum. However, Fonseca stressed that the challenge is more important for the 'Gladbach, thus shifting the pressure on the Germans and, where he can, he will try to do a bit of turnover to give the players that forcedly went on the field with more continuity. Rose's team gets on the wings of enthusiasm in first place in the Bundesliga but also with the knowledge that a result different from the victory could condemn them to the elimination from the Europa League.

HOW ROME COMES – Fonseca finds again Under which, however, after the bench against Napoli, could enter the game on the run and will hardly start as a starter. Also called Diawara, which, however, like the Turkish, will start out. Possibility for Santon in defense, while forward it will meet again Perotti from 1 'instead of Shepherd, holder in the last five matches of the Giallorossi. So in summary: in front of Pau Lopez, Santon, Fazio, Smalling, Kolarov will act; in midfield there will still be Mancini flanked by Veretout; behind the only tip Dzeko, there will be Kluivert, Zaniolo and Perotti.

HOW THE GLADBACH ARRIVES – Rose wants to win to re-launch in Europe after what she is managing to do in the league and, without Embolus unavailable, will rely on the physicality of Thuram which should act as a center forward with one between Stindl is Plea on the bench. Possible that the technician proposes the defense to 4 after in the league he had sent an unprecedented defense to 3. In midfield, the player in better shape and to keep a close watch is Zakaria, an ambitious Swiss footballer who was also praised by a former Giallorossi flag like Rudi Voeller.

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