the president intends to report his players to the federal prosecutor's office and to go to the arbitration board, he wants to reduce salaries!


Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of NaplesAurelio De Laurentiis, president of Naples

The president of the Ssc Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis intends to reduce salaries

The president of the Ssc Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis there has remained decidedly bad, after the mutiny of the players in the post-game with the Salzburg. As the current edition of the Journal Sport, tried to contact the lawyer Grassani to get some indication of what to do.

De Laurentiis ready for war against his players

"De Laurentiis intends to denounce his players to the federal prosecutor's office and to contact the arbitration board. He wants to ask for the reduction of the fees and sue his players to refer, in his opinion, to the image damage they are causing him. during the morning, still in a call conference, the president also had a long conversation with Ancelotti, to whom he reiterated that he did not like his dissent on the withdrawal question "

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