The pres Sticchi Damiani: "The penalty was repeated, great race of Lecce"



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The pres Sticchi Damiani: "The penalty was repeated, great race of Lecce"

After the defeat against Lazio, the president of Lecce Saverio Sticchi Damiani spoke to the microphones of Radio Rai 1: "Lecce's position is clear, it was a wonderful match but I come here to talk about rule 14, when a penalty kick is kicked in and players enter, surely there was a Lazio player, there is a repetition of the rigor not a punishment for Lazio. For me there is a violation of the clear regulation, it is right to point it out to improve and grow everyone. they did a great race marked by some unlucky episodes, the team created so much, we wanted to give a different gift to the 4,000 fans present at the Olimpico, Liverani absent? the climate is clear ". – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

Other news Serie A

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  • 10.11 11.45pm – Spal, Semplici: "Too bad for the rigor, we wanted to win away"
  • 10.11 11.44pm – Juve, Szczesny: "Happy to have helped the team with my parades"
  • 10.11 11.36pm – Juventus, Sarri: "CR7 should be thanked, Higuain fundamental player"
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  • 10.11 11.24 – Milan, Romagnoli: "Great race, bitter in the mouth for the result"
  • 10.11 11.28pm – Rome, from Portugal: for the attack the ex Fiorentina Seferovic appears
  • 10.11 11.16pm – The Milan report cards – The median grows. Piatek and Romagnoli the worst
  • 10.11 11.15 – Juventus, Dybala: "Perfect evening, it was important to win"
  • 10.11 11.10am – Milan, Pioli: "There was a performance. Failed to win."
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  • 10.11 22:24 – Dybala enters and scores: Juventus-Milan 1-0 after 77 minutes
  • 10.11 22:20 – Cristiano Ronaldo and 55 minutes from appearance: right Sarri's choice
De Laurentiis, all of them: from Insigne to Ancelotti. Inter, do the same with Conte. Marotta don't look at anyone. Cellino, you've been looking for it. Ibra? Then we put the word "complete" at Milanello "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

... with Terlizzi "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 "The delicate moment of Naples? I had a president like De Laurentiis, that is Zamparini who spoke about everything. This is wrong, Napoli has lived with enthusiasm. Ancelotti is taking an important path. Players leaving the retreat have made the right choice ….

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