"The players take their responsibility. Mazzarri? It's not a jug, but rather …"


In Brescia, the team of his country, he was born a football player and started a brilliant career that saw him wear the national team's shirt 13 times. In Turin he experienced two non-exceptional years, between 2007 and 2009, culminating with a relegation. Aimo Diana he spoke exclusively to Toro News, before a match that will see him as an interested spectator as the one between Rondinelle and a grenade at the Rigamonti. Today Renate's coach (Serie C), Diana told her about the grenade situation. Here are his words.

Good evening, mister Diana, Torino arrives at the challenge against Brescia (two of its former teams) with two defeats that weigh, but with two different values: what does Toro expect in Brescia?

"It seems obvious that Taurus is favored. Not because of the ranking, but because they are teams built differently. It is not a clash of salvation, even if now it seems to have that value because this is what the ranking says. I expect a concentrated Turin, which will want to give continuity to the good performance in the derby. Clear that in front of him he has a team that is hungry for points, he will have a new coach and therefore new motivations. I hope the Bull tries to win."

The team often appeared to have little motivation, up to the derby: she is now a coach, so she thinks that Mazzarri is responsible, or was there a drop due to something else?

"Difficult to evaluate it from the outside. What I can say, knowing a little about Mazzarri, is that it is difficult for me to think that it does not give the team motivation, on the contrary. I think that Toro started the retreat and the season very early and faced important qualifying matches for the Europa League. Clear that in front of such a situation we expect the players to have something more. Their responsibilities must be taken. Quality is not disputed, the ropes are more important: we saw it in the derby! The reasons come in important matches, now Brescia must represent Juventus for Torino."

You were also a player, what would you say to the grenade guys to motivate them for a delicate trip like that of Brescia?

"I believe that what is needed now is a sense of responsibility. You can expect similar behavior from people who understand before some attitude is wrong. Especially having experienced the Toro environment, the only thing not to miss the attitude. If this team has the right spirit, it is stronger than Brescia, even if the game will be complicated, but Toro can make it his own."

If a victory does not come to Brescia, would it be right to change the coach?

"I, as a coach, imagine if I can say such a thing! Certainly there is a stop and during the stops the companies make their own assessments. It is clear that when things are not going to change the coach to give a jolt is the simplest thing, but this would mean nullifying everything that was done previously. Evaluations must be made on a wide range, it is necessary to understand if the team still follows the coach, there are so many things to evaluate. Sorry that the coach is often the scapegoat. In my opinion Mazzarri is one of the best Italian coaches and has a good team available, I don't think they have suddenly become broccolate".

A couple of fans at the Philadelphia stadium have challenged Mazzarri who responded in kind: who is right?

"Seeing it from outside, I can tell you that Mazzarri knows that he is facing criticism. The coach often pays and takes criticism. Clear that there is nervousness, the fact that Mazzarri has responded in kind makes him understand. Sometimes saying in the face what you think is an act of courage, always in good manners. Mazzarri has made it clear that he is working and doing his best. It is right that we can also have comparisons with the fans, but always and only politely."

Mazzarri, exchange with the fans: "I have a clear conscience"

In what position of ranking can this Turin arrive this year, said in unsuspected times?

"We need to look further, I believe that Taurus should position itself between the sixth and eighth place. I do not believe that we reach the level of Lazio, or of the first four places. You can think about making the Europa League. Every year then there is a surprise, this year there is the outsider Cagliari"

Do you dream of coaching Torino one day?

"Maybe! Imagine, I am a Serie C coach, I am doing my experience. Obviously deserving one day the grenade bench would be beautiful. But now I'm a coach, I'm not a footballer anymore and I want to be evaluated based on my current job."

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