The player Aluko leaves Juve and Italy, and attacks: "Treated like Escobar, I run away from Turin, perceived racism"


The Nigerian and naturalized British striker (who also said that often, landing at Turin airport, the drug sniffing dogs "sniffed like I was Pablo Escobar") wanted to point out that they had "no experience of racism from the fans of Juventus or in the women's football championship ", but wanted to highlight that"the theme is in Italy and Italian football and it is the answer to this that really worries me, from presidents to supporters of men's soccer who see it as part of the culture of support ".

The player invited the company, to continue to attract Europe's talents from Italy, to "make them feel at home". This, he concluded, "is an important part of a long-term project". You will not, however, come back. The decision was made. On Saturday, against Fiorentina, Eni Aluko will play his last match for Juventus Womens. The last match in Turin. The last game in Italy.

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