The Palermo knows defeat: the pinks fall at home against Savoy


And at the eleventh Palermo stopped. Here comes the first defeat in the championship for the rosanero, at Barbera the Savoia wins (0-1) with the goal in the recovery of Diakite. A decidedly complicated match for Palermo that failed to break through the wall of the Savoy which it then hit on the counterattack in the second half, when the pinks were also outnumbered for the expulsion of Ficarrotta.

Little change in the ranking, the Palermo always has nine points ahead of the second but this defeat must still be a sort of lesson for the Sicilian formation that cannot afford to be distracted, given that the adversaries – see Savoy today – will play the game of life. The Palermo tried, probably also had to take the lead because of a goal annulled by Ricciardo but then fell into the trap of the bell, the Savoy in fact played more to "kick" than to football and so he managed to break the bank the Barbera.

The chronicle: Pergolizzi confirms the 4-3-3, Ficarrotta and Felici forward in support of Ricciardo. The already dangerous Palermo, Felici flies into the net and saves the goalkeeper from Savoy. The pinks have trouble finding the right corridor, a goal was also canceled for Ricciardo for offside. 18 'Savoia who tries to hit on the break but the Campania team spoils a tasty opportunity to restart. Angular match for Pergolizzi's team who can't find the key to the problem, in midfield Martin can't dictate the timing of the maneuver.

On the 38th sensational opportunity for the Savoy, on the developments of a corner almost a rigor in motion for Rondinella who shoots in the curve from an excellent position. After kicking more than kicking, Savoia lights up the match with very tough entries for rosanero players. Resumption, no initial change by Pergolizzi. 51 'Diakite del Savoia goes a step away from the goal, the ball in the middle and the leading player puts the dangerous bells side by side. The Palermo beats again against the wall of Savoy, the rosanero team can not find the right game to get in the door. Pergolizzi puts Langella in place of Kraja.

At 70 'Palermo in ten, expelled Ficarrotta for a reaction foul on Oyewale. 75 'Savoy in advantage: striking counterattack of the bells, Diakite escapes all alone and exits Pelagotti with a surgical accident, 0-1. Inside Lucera instead of Vaccaro, Fallani in place of Pelagotti and Santana instead of Felici. Offensive forcing of the pinks but Savoy does not reveal much. Ends 0-1, applause however for the Palermo that knows today the first defeat.

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