The owner of the Quargnento farmhouse confessed to being responsible for the explosion that killed three firefighters on the night between Monday and Tuesday


The Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Alexandria confirmed the arrest of Giovanni Vincenti due to the explosion of the uninhabited farmhouse at Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria, which in the night between Monday and Tuesday had caused the death of three firefighters. Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse, confessed to being responsible for the explosion; his wife, Antonella Patrucco, is also investigated.

In a press conference held Saturday morning in Alexandria, the carabinieri said that Vincenti was stopped with charges of assault and insurance fraud. Vincenti said he had only wanted to damage the farmhouse, and had not intended to kill the fire brigade.

The fire brigade had arrived at the farm site around 1.30am on Monday, to make an inspection following an explosion an hour earlier. At that moment there had been a second explosion that had caused the building to collapse, whose rubble had buried the three firemen. In the post-collapse inspections, two unexploded gas cylinders, connected to a timer by electric wires, were found in a building adjacent to the farmhouse. The chief prosecutor of Alexandria, Enrico Cieri, had said that the collapse could have been caused by the bombing of some gas cylinders. The prosecutor had opened an investigation against unknown persons for multiple homicide and disaster.

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