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Max Biaggi evaluates a hypothetical passage by Valentino Rossi in the Superbike World Championship: "Until there is so much enthusiasm why not …!".

Positive balance for Max Biaggi in his first season as team manager in the World Championship. His workhorse Aron Canet came close to the world title before losing himself in falls and too many mistakes. Sterilgarda Max Racing Team has the best of Valentino Rossi's team in the debut year and will try again next year with two drivers. One of which, Romano Fenati, former doctor of the Doctor.

A bit of a bitter taste remains in Moto3's failed title: ā€œAbsurdly up to five races ago Aron Canet was the most consistent rider in Moto3, the only one to have scored points in each race. Then a little bad luck, a little enthusiasm we lost so many points – Max Biaggi told "La Gazzetta dello Sport" -. We broke the engine in Misano, in England we were beaten by Arenas, in Australia and in Japan it made a mistake. A negative halo has been created that has prevented us from winning". The role of the team manager is not divisible by his profession as a former pilot. "The advantage is that I often put myself on the pilot's side having been in that role for more than twenty years. I understand when you have to leave the rope without pulling it too hard. This serves to have a motivated driver and a 100% group. Aron struggled to the last and made us very excited".


In 2020, Biaggi's team will return to attack with the duo Romanto Fenati-Alonso Lopez, with the Marche that will represent the cutting edge. "Fenati is a winning driver, the most successful of this category, but the best has not yet given it. We want to create something to help him bring home what he wants. Lopez is very young, has shown a good speed, has an aggressive drive and can certainly improve".

As a former Superbike champion, winner of two world championships (the last one at age 41), would you advise the historic rival Valentino Rossi to pass on the series derivatives? "Until there is so much enthusiasm and you don't feel the difficulty to give, until you feel tired … why not! It's the most beautiful environment, we pilots want to go on the track and compete. If this should fail, do something else". Max Biaggi tries to give a lucid analysis to the dominance of Jonatahan Rea: ā€œIn SBK there is a strong presence of Kawasaki, as well as when there was Aprilia. Kawasaki not being in MotoGP his MotoGP is the Superbike. All the other houses do not give their best because either you choose a championship or choose the other one since they are two high level and expensive championships".

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