The only one to act as peacemaker, Mertens and the others followed the Brazilian



Allan the first to unleash the chaos of Naples and the mutiny. Insigne tried to act as a peacemaker, but Mertens the others followed the Brazilian and left the San Paolo

Very latest Napoli football – Chaos Naples. Background told by the site Si Gonfia the Network of Raffaele Auriemma, it seems that the team has waited for the president De Laurentiis to ask to interrupt the diktat or at least allow at least to Allan to go home. The companion of the Brazilian midfielder Thais is expecting the third child and the player wanted to stay close to his family.


Mutiny Naples, the background on Allan, Insigne and Mertens

De Laurentiis, however, would not have appeared in the locker room at the end of Naples-Salzburg. The rest of the leadership, it seems, had agreed to return home only to Allan, but the Brazilian refused to sign a document attesting to the request to stop the withdrawal, communicating the same that he would go to his family. At that point Insigne – who until then had tried to act as peacemaker – and Mertens would have followed Allan in the withdrawal of the withdrawal. Gradually the other players also chose to disregard the decisions of De Laurentiis.

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