The old pirate turned up and killed herself in the traffic police


The "pirate" of Castelfranco now has a name and a face: shortly after 12:30 today, Sunday, accompanied by his lawyer, he voluntarily presented himself at the Treviso Traffic Police Command to admit his responsibilities. This is M.R., 38, of Castelfranco Veneto who must now answer for a roadside murder with escape, crimes that provide for sentences of not less than five years imprisonment in addition to revocation of the driving license. The decision to set up is due to the fact that the investigations of the polstrada (also thanks to some precious testimonies) had by now tightened the circle around the 38 year old, to whom the Fiat Punto was seized with which he swept and killed on Saturday at 5.40 pm Graziella geremia, 74 years old from Rossano Veneto, and her daughter was wounded (transported to hospital but not in serious condition). The two women were crossing the road along Via dei Carpani, not far from the shopping center "I Giardini del Sole".

The driver of the car, a blue-gray small car from the first indications provided by the witnesses present at the fact, immediately fled without giving assistance, causing him to lose his tracks. "The Traffic Police of Castelfranco Veneto – reads itself in a statement issued by the Questura – was immediately activated for all the necessary researches in order to identify the driver and all the press organs were alerted that, with the usual collaboration, allowed to convey to the community the important message that any contribution of those who could have learned useful elements to reconstruct the fact had to be brought to the Police Organs and, contextually, that the prolongation of the hours would have aggravated the already critical position of the investor who had given himself to the flight and that, for this reason, he would have done well to turn to the law enforcement agencies. "

The car, a Fiat Punto was traced and subjected to criminal seizure at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, in addition to the fragments found at the site of the accident. «The driver -the polstrada explains- admitting his own faults is given in a state of liberty for the crimes of road murder with escape pursuant to Articles. 589 bis and ter c.p. which provide for sentences of not less than 5 years imprisonment in addition to the revocation of the driving license ".

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