The mystery of Valentine's Day SMS delivered yesterday


On the night of November 6 to 7, many people in the United States received text messages sent to them on Valentine's Day (February 14) and which they had never received. According to numerous reports on social networks, the authors of those messages had no idea that they had never been delivered, and had not tried to send them again and after so many months after the first posting. The main US telephone operators said they were studying the causes of the technical problem, but so far there have been no very detailed or convincing explanations.

As the technology site tells The Verge, the problem involved both iPhones and Android smartphones, connected to all major US operators such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile, and other local telephone companies. It is not clear how many people were involved in the disruption, but in a few hours dozens of reports were circulated on Twitter and Facebook, by users who live in different parts of the United States and who are customers of different telephone operators.

Some have reported being simply surprised, others have indicated more stressful consequences. One person, for example, explained that he had received a Valentine's message from the person with whom he then had a relationship and died some time ago. Another user said he received messages from his best friend, who died recently: "The last few months have not been easy and now that I thought I was better this thing has reopened the wound."

A user wrote that he received a message from his sister explaining that their mother was better. The SMS, however, dated back to February and had never been sent: their mother had died a few months later, in June. Even a message in which one of the two sisters told the other that she wanted to visit her sick mother was only delivered last night, months after she was sent.

One girl wrote that she found herself in a rather awkward situation, after a text message she sent in February was received only now by what is now her ex-boyfriend. There was a bit of confusion, which resulted in a brief conversation, with no particular aftermath.

The operators for the time being have not provided many explanations on the delay of months in the delivery of the SMS. T-Mobile has generally given the blame to a "third-party provider", but without giving any indication of the company name and what kind of services it offers. A spokesman merely said that T-Mobile: "is aware of the problem and has solved it".

Sprint attributed the problem to a "maintenance activity" of SMS management systems: "The problem was solved not long after it had appeared. We apologize for any confusion it may have caused. "

Although generic, the explanations confirm that there was a problem and that it involved the main operators. However, it is not yet clear why the problem involved SMSs sent on Valentine's Day and why they had never been delivered. It is not clear if in the coming hours the operators will provide some more details to explain the story.

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