The Municipality of Predappio denies the funds for the trip to Auschwitz


It is a controversy in Predappio for the Municipality's decision not to contribute financially to the participation of a high school boy in the project "Auschwitz Reminder – train of memory". The GenerAzioni in Comune association will do it, which will cover the 370 euros needed for the trip and which has made known the position taken by the administration. "We are not opposed to the Train of Memory – replies Mayor Roberto Canali – but" these trains go only to one side and we do not intend to collaborate with those who forget everything else ". Deputy Mayor Luca Lambruschi:" We do not prevent anything from anyone . This is a fake news that only serves to launch hatred ". Even the deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano offers to contribute:" I will pay the boy's trip to Auschwitz myself. "Then the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, on Twitter: "Without memory there is no future. I invite the students of the Predappio schools to participate in the next journey of the Memory organized by Roma Capitale".

GenerAzioni in Comune: we hope the administration will think again

"It is worrying that the municipal administration of Predappio, a city that more than any other should feel a strong duty to strive to keep the memory alive, did not consider it important to give this signal: we hope that you can reconsider, otherwise it would be a very serious act. GenerAzioni in Comune does not hold back, "writes the organization on Facebook. He explains to the project sponsored by the Senate and the Chamber Il Resto del Carlino, this year two students have joined: an amount has been paid by Anpi Forlì-Cesena, the other is the one that should have covered the Municipality, but which instead will be provided by GenerAzioni in Comune.

The mayor: "When the trains stop also at the gulags we will reconsider"

But the mayor Canali, elected in May in the birthplace of Benito Mussolini with a center-right list that has wrested his historic feud from the left, replies to the hypothesis of an afterthought: "Absolutely not. When these trains stop also in front of the gulag – he adds – we will reconsider, because it will mean that the correctness of the memory is at 360 degrees ".

The deputy mayor: "They have the patronage of less than 100 Italian municipalities out of 8000"

"If the kids want to go – the deputy mayor writes in a note – they can do it. They pay the full fee or the association uses the funds that the Emilia-Romagna region (5,000 euros) or the Union of municipalities have paid. Looking on the site by Deina (association that promotes and contributes to the 'Auschwitz Reminder' project, ed) we see that they have the patronage of less than 100 Italian municipalities of around 8000. Let's talk about 1%. Do 99% of Italian municipalities have serious behavior? "

Fiano: "That boy must leave"

Dem Emanuele Fiano also intervened on the matter, offering to pay the fee if the situation with the Municipality does not break out: “Enough words. When the institutions are not able to assume the responsibilities that are due to them, then personal facts and behavior are also needed. An iban is enough for me. That boy must leave, his visit to Auschwitz will vaccinate him from life-long hatred ".

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