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You si que vales, Ferilli unleashed for the Candymen strippers: the spicy comment

Sabrina Ferilli to You are this has conquered the public. From the top of her armchair, the friendly Roman actress has become accustomed to spontaneous comments and curtains with her friend Maria De Filippi. Perhaps too spontaneous, as in the last episode. The pretext is the exhibition of the Candyman, a group of skilled strippers who conquered the public. At least the female one, including the head of the popular jury Sabrina Ferilli.

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Tu si que vales, Candyman strippers naked for Rudy Zerbi: «Never seen things like this»

At the end of the exhibition, in which the strippers remained in their underwear except to complete the show behind the scenes – and in private – with Rudy Zerby, the Ferilli she turned to Maria De Filippi and said, "Oh, how good those were, did you see what bums there were?" But we brought them to the final true? " «No, not yet … But you see that you have the microphone open …», replies an amused De Filippi triggering his reaction: «But will you be foolish, Marì? And then I don't go on the air like this, they cut it for me … ». And instead the exchange of hot jokes went on air and was also very much appreciated by the public.

THE Candyman have reserved a private exhibition to Rudi Zerbi, the only one among the judges to be able to see the striptease in full version. HERE THE VIDEO

But the Ferilli it also became the protagonist of another moment during the episode. Or rather, it was the absence of Sabrina Ferilli in some moments the public's comments on the social media unleashed, to which the alternation in the chair of the popular jury of the Roman actress and Belen Rodriguez did not go unnoticed. The comments were so many that Gerry Scotti commented: «But why do you disappear from time to time? They are calling me from home to ask me where Ferilli is! " Question to which there was no answer, but Ferilli made it clear that she had other things to do …

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