The "micro" earthquakes continue between Abruzzo and Ciociaria


It will be a night of tribulation for the inhabitants of the region Abruzzo, but also of the Lazio. In fact, after the mega shock which occurred at 6.45 pm in Balsorano (AQ) of 4.4 of magnitude, others followed. To precede it, already in the day today have been several le micro earthquake shocks in Ciociaria.

After the tremor of magnitude 4.4 in Balsorano, earthquakes continue

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The earthquake in Balsorano had been preparing for several hours. Yesterday there were countless micro shocks in the area. As reported by INGV, however, the strongest was this morning, at 04:53, which was 1.6 in magnitude. Fortunately, there did not appear to have been damage to property or people. The whole thing is also normal for microscosse, while for the one at 18:35 the worst was feared.

Pescosolido and Balsorano: numerous mini earthquakes in the last hours

To anticipate it, other light shocks, always reported by INGV: 1.3 in Balsorano at 17:25 and 1.1 in Pescosolido at 17:55. At 6:35 pm, the mega shock came, which was felt until Rome and at 18:47 a shock of magnitude 2.2 was felt in Pescosolido, in Ciociaria. Since then all mini shocks between 1 and 2 of magnitude in the aforementioned areas and another occurred in Sora, of the same intensity.

People are afraid tonight

People are afraid and fear the worst. Although the aftershocks are normal after a stronger one, people are afraid that the night may still tremble. We will try to monitor the situation, in the hope that tonight we will all be able to sleep peacefully. At the moment, the latest shocks recorded they were 1.7 in Pescosolido, at 19:55 and Balsorano at 20:08, 1.3. These further earthquakes were of lesser intensity and therefore, given the normality of the flow, they were felt only in the neighboring areas of the epicenter. The hope is not to give you further updates on the matter.

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