The macabre auction of the Hotel Rigopiano


The bottles of fine wine found in the ruins of the Hotel Rigopiano are sold at auction. The chilling news discovered by the families of the victims.

On the site "Judicial Auctions" an announcement appeared that shocked the families of the victims swept away by the avalanche that destroyed the Rigopiano hotel: on October 30th in Via Alfonso di Vestea – Pescara an auction of fine wine bottles was held they are in the hotel and have been saved by the avalanche.

Who put them up for sale is the lawyer Sergio Iannucci, curator of the Bankruptcy 70/2010, Del Rosso srl, while it is not known who will make the gruesome toast at the auction price of € 1,800.00 and who participated to raise, given that the base price was € 700.00 .

From the reading of the appraisal attached to the auction announcement (COD. 2814910) it emerges, however, that a large number of movable assets of the Hotel Rigopiano are also on sale, but the auction has been deserted.

"What upset my clients – said the lawyer Romolo Reboa who, together with the lawyers Gabriele Germano, Massimo Reboa, Silvia Rodaro, Maurizio Sangermano and Roberta Verginelli assist the families of four victims – is that there has been a macabre auction that has seen more people compete to secure the bottles of the cellar of death. What puzzles me and colleagues in their defense is that a new subject comes out in the affair today, the Bankruptcy 70/2010 Del Rosso srl, which is the owner of the furniture of the Hotel Rigopiano and which, certainly with the authorization of the Delegated Judge , put them up for sale. There is a new subject, a bankruptcy trustee, never heard in the criminal investigation, which could reveal valuable information on the state of places, on authorizations – concluded the lawyer. Romolo Reboa- I reserve the right to call for a hearing in the context of defensive investigations ”.


EXPLANATIONS OF THE BANKRUPTCY CURATOR – On the episode intervenes the clarifications of the attorney Sergio Iannucci, bankruptcy trustee: “These are assets of the company that managed the hotel that was debtor to the bankruptcy procedure and that were sold for part payment of debt, having no other resources to pay it. I, accordingly, with the authorization of the judge, I am putting them on sale. There is no connection between the assets at auction and the events concerning the avalanche that then swept the hotel, just as the victims do not enter ”.

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