The M5S will ask its members if they present themselves in the elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria


Tomorrow, Wednesday 21 November, the 5 Star Movement will ask its members if they present themselves in the regional elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria, both scheduled for January 26th. The party announced it in a post on the Blog of the Stars, its official body.

The M5S has been losing support for several months – at the moment it is around 16 percent, about half of the votes it took in the 2018 political elections – and for several weeks a decision was expected regarding the elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria; where, however, according to observers, the party would have very little chance of achieving satisfactory results.

The decision to ask the members whether or not to present themselves at the two regional elections was motivated by the potential incompatibility between the electoral campaign and the reform of the party structure, started in recent months by the political leader Luigi Di Maio and not yet completed. Voting will be open tomorrow from 12 to 20 on the so-called Rousseau platform.

It is therefore also time to ask ourselves if this great mobilization of growth and regeneration is compatible with electoral activities. For this reason we have decided to submit to the members the decision concerning participation in the upcoming regional elections in Emilia – Romagna and Calabria.

Taking part in the elections requires an organizational effort, even a national one, and a very high concentration. Each of us must ask ourselves, with the utmost responsibility, about the contribution he feels to give in the coming months, about where he feels most right that his spokesmen direct their commitment.

He has to ask himself if he thinks if we are capable, all together, in a great work of sharing and division of tasks, of being usefully present on different fronts. Whatever we choose, we will face it as always with all the dedication we are capable of.

The choice is ours. Voting will open at 12 tomorrow and close at 20.

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