The M5S is divided on the Ilva. Di Maio furious: "Enough or return to the vote"


Chaos in the 5 Star Movement regarding the former Ilva issue. After ArcelorMittal sent the notification to the extraordinary commissioners, a crack opened inside the pentastellars: there are those who point out to Luigi Di Maio to have removed and then replaced the shield. His goal now is to calm the minds and convince the rebels, thus cutting off all sorts of protests in the bud. According to what has been learned and reported by The messenger, during the meeting at the Mise in the Sala degli Arazzi the political leader would have lost his temper. The rally had the aim of finding a political synthesis on the future of the steelworks of Taranto, but it would then be transformed into an occasion to vent the minds.

I vent it

The Foreign Ministry suddenly lost control with his own and then blurted out: "So, that's enough: if the group breaks up on the Ilva, I take political note of it and return to the vote. I don't go on like this. And I don't disrespect myself this way. And then, you, but how dare you: on this dossier, when I was Minister of Economic Development, I gave my best". He would then furiously abandon the table, with a chair that would have flown up into the air and finally fallen to the ground. Some present told:"He was purple, never seen like this: one fury".

The scene obviously did not go unnoticed by those in the salon: the Minister of Economic Development Stephen Patuanelli, the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D'Inca, the deputy minister of the Mise Stefano Buffagni, the undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi, with responsibility for Economic Planning, Mario Turkish. For the occasion, all the Apulian senators (and deputies) had also been summoned. Absent Barbara Lezzi, but intervened twice in video call.

The Tarantino deputy Gianpaolo Cassese he would have reiterated that he will not vote a decree with the penal shield inside and that on that occasion the M5S did not have a consistent line. Chaos reigns. Among other things, another black smoke has also been added for the election of the new head of the grillino in the Chamber: none of the two candidates managed to reach the necessary quorum. Davide Crippa has collected 83 votes; Francesco Silvestri he obtained instead 95. He himself admitted: "There are many, too many resistances on the penal shield. And not only in the Senate, even here I think it would go with much difficulty". It cannot therefore be ruled out that help will be sought from the opposition when the decree arrives at the Houses. The League Giancarlo Giorgetti commented: "Ah, well they are asking us for our votes because the majority does not have the numbers".

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