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6-8 Holt serves on the net.

5-8 Modena looks for the extension! Zaytsev's rasoiata from the second line that finds the touch of the opposing wall.

5-6 Hands off of Anderson on Simon, high-class shot.

5-5 Juantorena harpoons the ball near the pole and puts it on the ground.

4-5 Zaytsev forces an attack from the second line and completely misses the shot.

3-5 MUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bednorz does it all by itself! Leal printed.

3-4 Out of a whisker Zaytsev's service.

2-4 Break by Modena, Anderson's masterful pipe.

2-3 Bednorz puts it at the crossroads, Polish is in very great shape.

2-2 Leal replies with one of his parallels.

1-2 Perfect attack by Bednorz.

1-1 Start in balance.



29-27 Anderson attacks outside. Civitanova won the third set by canceling the fourth match-point and reopened the game.

28-27 ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LEAL! Now Civitanova has the set-point to reopen the accounts.

27-27 Leal still thinks with a missile above the wall.

26-27 First half of Holt, fourth match point for Modena.

Long ball, starting from 26-26.

26-26 Along the service of Zaytsev but Giani calls video-check.

25-26 Bednorz folds hands in Juantorena, Modena has the third match-point.

25-25 Leaaaaaaaal! From the second line! Almost impossible attack on recovery in overturned bagher Balaso from the baseline.

24-25 Juantorena serves on the net and Modena has another match-point.

24-24 Hands out of Juantorena at the end of a long action, Zaytsev had the chance to close. The Panther cancels the match point.

23-24 MAZZONEEEEEEEEEE! FIRST HALF! Match point for Modena.

23-23 Beautiful winner of Anderson, Modena wants to win the game now!

23-22 Diagonal perentorio of Juantorena.

22-22 Andersoooooon! Hands out, Modena draws! End of creepy set. De Giorgi calls time-out.

22-21 Rapid first half of Mazzone.

22-20 Leal called pipe law.

21-20 Invasion of Bruninho! Modena below.

21-19 Excellent Zaytsev's long line.

21-17 Still Ghafour in the front line.

A video check had been requested for a possible footfall by Kaliberda but there is none. Hot souls on the bench and Ilaria Vagni cut short: a yellow card for De Giorgi and Giani.


20-16 This time Kaliberda closes with a hands off.

20-15 Erroraccio of Kaliberda who could close after the great defenses of Modena. Civitanova puts the arrow.

19-15 Imperial Holt's first half.

19-15 Mazzone serves on the net.

18-15 This fly Juantorena misses from nine meters.

18-14 ACEEEEEEEEEE! Juantorena the square, the Lube is reborn.

17-14 Ghafour breaks through the wall, Civitanova extends! Giani calls time-out.

16-14 Called out the diagonal of Bednorz, out of a breath.

15-14 All thwarted by a service error.

15-13 MUROOOOOOOO! ELDER ON BEDNORZ! Civitanova Break.

13-12 Simon again in the first half.

12-12 Zaytseeeeeev. Long-distance bomb. Balance reigns.

12-11 Simon responds with the same blow.

11-11 Holt's first half.

11-10 Lungolinea by Ghafour, fold the hands of Rossini.

10-10 Vertigoosa Anderson's pipe.

10-9 Impeccable Leal diagonal.

9-9 Bel hands-off of Bednorz, we proceed point to point.

9-8 Ghafour resolves with personality, a sharp and decisive blow.

8-8 MUROOOOOOOOOO! Mazzone nails the lob called by Juantorena.

8-7 Bruninho's second magic.

7-7 MUROOOOOOOOOOO! MAZZONE Juantorena print.

7-6 Juantorena's sumptuous external spin.

6-6 Bel mani out of Matt Anderson.

6-5 Leal's missile on Holt's wall and Civitanova takes the lead.

5-5 Leal attacks a very high ball and puts it down.

4-5 Ghafour however misses from nine meters.

4-4 Endless exchange, Civitanova defends on two incredible occasions and then Ghafour closes with a touch of fairness.

3-4 Ivan Zaytsev bags the ball, wall surprised.

3-3 Ghafour manages to open the wall.

2-3 Anderson's Celestial pipe.

2-2 Wall of Modena but then Anderson misses the service.

1-1 Juicy attack by Juantorena.

0-1 ACEEEEEEEEEE! Christenson. Always him. Modena starts again with a rocket.


CIVITANOVA-MODENA 0-2. Possessed canaries.

21-25 Bednorz! He closes with a long line. Modena won the second set.

20-24 ACEEEEEEEEE! Mazzone. Four set-points for Modena.

20-23 Bednoooooooorz! Attack from the second line! Incredible exchange: Simon in the first half, Holt the wall, the ball rears up and touches the wall, the ball goes down, Christenson goes beyond the advertising board to retrieve it and Bednorz closes. EPIC EXCHANGE.


20-21 Fault in Civitanova.

20-20 Simoooooooon! Draw with one of his proverbial lightning bolts.

19-20 Very good first time for Anzani holding Civitanova in the wake.

18-20 Leal attacks outside! Crucial break of Modena!

18-19 Juantorena serves long. The two teams are too sinister in the fundamental.

18-18 Christenson also fails to serve, third consecutive error for Modena.

17-18 Anderson violent attack after a good recovery of Mazzone.

16-17 Another mistake in the service of Modena, this time Holt is wrong.

15-17 Impeccable first half of Holt.

15-16 Bad error by Bednorz at the service when he returned from the time-out.

14-16 ACEEEEEEEE! Bednorz! A crucial break in Modena, De Giorgi calls time-out.

14-15 MUROOOOOOOO! Holt prints Rychlicki.

14-14 Zaytsev serves on the net. Fight point by point, no team manages to escape.

13-14 Rychlicki error in service.

13-13 Surgical first half of Simon, one of his bombs in the meter.

12-13 Leal looks for the hands of the wall, he doesn't find them and the ball goes out.

12-12 Bednorz responds with the same blow.

12-11 Hands off Leal and Civitanova take the lead.

11-11 Leal flies in the sky and closes diagonally but Mazzone has wasted a comfortable first time for the break.

10-11 Foul dribble of Juantorena.

10-10 Christenson returns the favor by serving on the net.

9-10 Bruninho serves long.

9-9 Touch to the net of Bruninho on long reception, won the duel with Mazzone.

8-9 A Zaytsev missile on the wall, the Tsar's big point.

8-8 ACEEEEEEEE! SIMON! Civitanova draws.

7-8 Finally the Rychlicki diagonal.

6-8 First time of Holt jumping very high.

6-7 Leal replicates with a hands-off.

5-7 Bednorz breaks through the wall with great precision.

5-6 Violent Juantorena pipe that starts attacking from the center.

4-6 Along the Mazzone service.

3-6 Anderson's divine pipe.

3-5 First time with Anzani, the Lube tries to get back on the road.

2-5 Two consecutive points by Zaytsev, Modena immediately tries to escape at the start of the second set.

2-3 Sumptuous recovery of Juantorena and Leal closes with a diagonal in the two meters.

1-2 MUROOO! Anzani prints the Bednorz pipe, Civitanova tries to get back on the road.

0-2 Rychlicki is walled in and Modena immediately gets the break.



23-25 ​​Man out of Anderson! Modena won the first set with an amazing comeback.

23-24 Juantorena cancels the first set-point.

22-24 ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HOOOOOOOOOLT! Overflowing Modena, overturned the set and now has two balloons to close.

22-23 MUROOOOOOOOOO! Juantorena printed, Modena took the lead for the first time in the match!

22-22 Bednorz puts the pipe down.

22-21 Wall Holt Invasion, Civitanova comes out of a very complicated rotation.

21-21 Andersooooooon! Sassata on Rossini! What a counterattack! Modena draw!

21-20 Anderson! Direct attack after a retaining wall, Civitanova trembles: partial 4-0 on Bednorz's batting run.

21-19 Attack out of Rychlicki! Modena is back to -2.

De Giorgi calls time-out.

21-18 MUROOOO! Anderson prints Rychlicki. The Lube must be careful.

21-17 ACEEEEEE! Bednorz. The Pole tries to shake up Modena.

21-16 Good attack by Bednorz on the three-sided wall.

21-15 ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SIMOOOOON! Civitanova travels by a thousand and with the service it defeats Modena.

20-15 Zaytsev cancels everything with a mistake.

19-15 ACEEEEEEEE! Zaytsev! The Tsar's paw.

19-14 This time Leal serves on the net.

19-13 ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LEAAAAL! A blow from the Cuban, Lube has made things clear.

18-13 Zaytsev looks for the high hands of the wall but does not find them and Civitanova returns to the +5.

17-13 Superb hands out of Leal.

16-13 Another mistake made by Rychlicki in the service, Civitanova is now making too many mistakes in the fundamental.

16-12 Simon's stellar first half, the Cuban leaps very high.

15-11 This time Christenson fails to serve.

14-11 ACEEEEEEEEEEEEE! CHRISTENSON! Modena has returned!

14-10 Attack of Bednorz from the seocnda line, Bruninho goes to retrieve the ball from the billboards but then Juantorena fails to send back with a bagher.

14-9 Juantorena returns the favor from nine meters.

14-8 Along the Holt service.

13-8 Mazzone walls Anzani's first half! Modena recovers a break and tries to stay in the race.

13-7 Incredible! Rychlicki has an easy smash available but Christenson walls it.

13-6 Holt's network invasion, Modena now seems to have let this set go.

Giani forced to call time-out, the only one he has available.

12-6 Anderson hits the shaft, Canaries in trouble in the attack and Civitanova operates the dubbing.

11-6 Bednorz serves long.

10-6 First half of Max Holt.

10-5 ACEEEEEEEEEE! Simon! Civitanova is nine meters surgical, Modena in difficulty.

9-5 Che diagonaleeeeee! Superb Juantorena!

8-5 Bednorz unlocks, attacks well on the high hands of Bruninho's wall.

8-4 Long service of the Canaries. We remind you that in this Super Cup there will be only a discretionary time-out per set available to the coaches.

7-4 Relentless Anderson pipe, indefensible.

7-3 ACEEEEEEEEEEE! Rycklicki got into the game well.

6-3 Juantorena raises for Rycklicki and the opposite puts down the long-line, superlative reception of Balaso on Anderson's powerful service.

5-3 Anzani serves on the net.

5-2 Anderson misses a long line that is far from impossible and Civitanova tries to escape.

4-2 Leal's stardate Sassata, big lift behind Bruninho.

3-2 Bel mani out of Anderson.

3-1 MUROOOO! Rychlicki prints Zaytsev's over-lobed lob. Civitanova Break.

2-1 Zaytsev attacks the narrow diagonal wide.

1-1 Crazy Exchange! A stellar minute, Modena defends four practically impossible balls, then long bagher and Juantorena flush with the net is relentless.

0-1 ACEEEEEEEE! Holt begins with a bang.



Bruninho-Rychlicki, Juantorena-Leal, Anzani-Simon, Balaso.


Christenson-Zaytsev, Anderson-Bednorz, Mazzone-Holt, Rossini.

15.27 The two teams enter the field.

15.25 Exciting also the comparison between the two technicians: Fefe De Giorgi on the Civitanova bench, Andreea Giani on the Modena bench. Together they won a lot of players.

15.23 The two teams are about to finish warming up, now everything is ready at the Eurosuole Forum for Civitanova-Modena.

15.21 Modena clings to champion Ivan Zaytsev, the Tsar is called to bomb from the opposite side and is ready for a duel with the Panther. The hammer Matt Anderson will also be decisive, directed by Micah Christenson.

15.19 The Lube will focus mainly on the hunters Osmany Juantorena and Yoandy Leal, the setter Bruninho should return after the physical problem that excluded him from the match against Milan. We expect a reaction from the opposite Rychlicki who is struggling to get going.

15.17 Civitanova started the SuperLega with three consecutive victories that sent it to the top of the standings but with one more game than Modena and Trento. The cooks struggled against Piacenza but then dominated with Sora and Milan.

15.15 Modena presents itself to defend the trophy won last year and easily won the first two league games, the Canaries seem to be in excellent shape.

15.13 The Azimut will try the coup away, it will not be easy to storm the red and white den but the Emilians have all the credentials to hit the target.

15.11 The Lube will therefore have the advantage of playing in front of its public, an extremely important factor that could give the Italian champions an extra gear.

15.09 The two teams compete for a place in tomorrow's final to be played against the winner of the other Perugia-Trento semi-final scheduled at 6.00 pm.

15.07 Play at the Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova. Whistle starting at 15.30.

15.05 Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE in Civitanova-Modena, semi-final of the Italian Supercup 2019 for men's volleyball.

The presentation of the semifinal

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Civitanova-Modena, semi-final of the Italian Super Cup 2019 of men's volleyball. The Lube will play in front of its own audience of the Eurosuole Forum and will go hunting for success to dispute the final act scheduled for tomorrow but on the other side there will be the aggressive Canaries who want to defend the trophy won last year and who are chasing the final against the Perugia-Trento winner. It is a particularly intense, exciting and balanced challenge between two battleships of our volleyball who will fight for the Scudetto and contend for the possibility of raising the first trophy of the season to the sky.

The Champions of Italy will be able to count on the support of their supporters and will rely on the hunters' class Osmany Juantorena and Yoandy Leal which will be operated by the returning Bruninho, ready also to raise for the opposite Rychlicki and for the central Simone Anzani and Simon. The Emilians will rely on the broadsides of the opposite Ivan Zaytsev who will have to drag his teammates to the coup, the Tsar will be diagonal with Micah Christenson and will have Matt Anderson as an excellent offensive companion.

OA Sport offers the LIVE LIVE of Civitanova-Modena, semi-final of the Italian Super Cup 2019 men's volleyball: real-time news, minute after minute, point by point, so as not to miss anything really. It starts at 15.30. Have a good fun.

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Photo LPS / Roberto Bartomeoli

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