The League's mayor of Ferrara proposes honorary citizenship for Liliana Segre: "Honoring her story"


"Ferrara will propose honorary citizenship to Liliana Segre. In this way we want to honor the personal history of the senator, symbol of the immense suffering of a people that has a strong and cohesive representation in Ferrara ". This was announced by the League's mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri. This will, the mayor states, "will materialize with a resolution that will be submitted to the city council next Monday". A gesture, he explains, of "profound respect for all the victims of the Holocaust".

The mayor Alan Fabbri, loyal to Matteo Salvini, announced his willingness to propose honorary citizenship to the life senator, who survived the Holocaust, on the sidelines of the conference on the award ceremony of the 19th literary prize 'Adei-Wizo Adelina Della Pergola 2019' will be held on November 12th at the Teatro Comunale.

"This is a gesture due to the light of our country's history – Fabbri explained – which wants to represent the profound respect for all the victims of the Holocaust, Ferrara and not. We hope that this puts an end to all tension and any exploitation, which nothing else can do but harm the social cohesion that, in particular on this issue, has always characterized our city ”. The national literary award was established in 2000 and promotes knowledge about the Jewish world. The finalist books are chosen from works of Jewish subjects, from living international authors, from a jury composed solely of women.

In the morning, the mayor of Reggio Calabria also announced his willingness to grant honorary citizenship to the senator for life: "The physical links with the city are not necessary – the mayor Giuseppe Falcomata wrote in a note – The life senator Liliana Segre is historically and humanly united to the life of our country, of our territories, of every small village that has paid a high price undergoing the fascist and Nazi aberration. The union between Reggio Calabria and Senator Liliana Segre is based on the fact that our Municipality follows the fundamental principles of the Constitutional Charter, declaring itself markedly anti-fascist, and in it we recognize the idea of ​​the city we are building. Here is that aberration, the senator Segre has suffered on her own skin where she carries, indelibly, the Nazi mark that remembers the past in the Auschwitz concentration camp and the living testimony of the catastrophe that was the Shoah ".

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