The Hertha Berlin supporters knock down the wall again, the show with the choreographed curve – Video


On the evening of November 9th, at the end of the celebrations for the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was another evocative re-enactment at the Olympiastadion of the German capital.

Before the Bundersliga match between Hertha Berlin and Red Bull Leipzig (a city that was in the territory of East Germany), fans and sports clubs staged the symbolic demolition of the wall, rebuilt in the center of the field, and with the words: Together against the walls, together with Berlin.

Beyond the wall a Trabant with the colors of Hertha, a symbol of the German Democratic Republic, also passed, while in the background on the giant screen the speech of John F. Kennedy in Berlin Oves passed.

On the curve a large Brandenburg Gate was raised, symbol of a united Berlin.

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