The grillina Trenta, the former "state" house is held by former minister | She: "I still have time and, anyway, now it's up to my husband"


The defence – "As a minister, I asked for service accommodation because it was closer to the workplace, as well as to appropriate security and confidentiality requirements" – try to explain her, submerged by criticism, writing a post on Facebook. "When I left the office, I would have had, according to regulation, three months to leave the apartment", He adds. The deadline has not yet expired since three months have not passed since the oath of the new executive. The deadline is December 5th."But what happens – the former minister specifies – that in the meantime the same apartment has been reassigned to my husband who, as is known, is an officer of the Italian Army with the rank of major and currently holds a first-class post, a position for which an allocation of accommodation is foreseen of the same level as that which had been assigned to me ". How to say …"a house for two", from the former minister to the military, from his wife to her husband.

The location of the 5 stars – A justification that does not find many shores, neither to the right, nor to the left and not even among the pentastellates themselves. In conclusion, the former minister Trenta does not seem to believe anyone. So much so that the statements of authoritative exponents of the M5S aggravate the situation. "The same undersecretary Stefano Buffagni confirms the worst suspicions on the whole affair "- declared the leader of the Brothers in Italy in the House, Francesco Lollobrigida." leave the accommodation and free us from embarrassment'. He doesn't seem to think otherwise Luigi Di Maio: "Surely the husband will have the right to housing, but it would be appropriate for Trenta to leave that house and then the husband will make the request to get the apartment like all army officers, following the normal ranking ". Thus Luigi Di Maio, political leader M5S, in Salerno.

The criticisms – "Another round, another race! And even today the Italians had a clear new example of the double grillina standard – attacks Licia Ronzulli, vice president of the FI in the Senate – they shout 'honesty' but think only of occupying the seats and, apparently, the service flats "."Leave that apartment at once and go back home"- echoes it Maurizio Gasparri, member of the Defense committee. The hypocrisy of the 5-star Movement has no limits, and in order to remain attached to the seats they insult each other and unload their responsibilities. Buffagni and the 5 Star Movement – concludes Lollobrigida of Fratelli d'Italia – they knew very well that the Trenta, already a municipal councilor of the CCD, had learned to play politics in the parties they say they fight, but from which they borrow the worst habits"

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