The Garden of the Righteous inaugurated by Liliana Segre: "I'm worse than the fascists"


Vandalized and disfigured the amphitheater of the Giardino dei Giusti in Milan, recently redeveloped and inaugurated in the presence of the senator for life Liliana Segre. Unknowns, in fact, acted with della red paint in the night. The complaint comes from Simone Zambelli, president of Municipality 8 where the Garden is located which celebrates the righteous who have opposed totalitarianisms.

Milan, the Garden of the Righteous is smeared with red paint

"Beauty has been ruined by someone, who in the night wrote 'outside the bulldozers' on the vertical signs but even more serious is that the same hand has disfigured the lights of the Auditorium of the Garden of the Just just inaugurated by our beloved Senator Liliana Segre – she wrote – as Town Hall 8 we will make a complaint against unknown persons, the measure is full ".

"For me, whoever smeared the tonight Giardino dei Giusti is worse than the fascists – said the councilor for Urban Planning Pier Maran – commenting the episode. The fascists are our enemies, we fight them and they fight us. One who disfigures the garden inaugurated a few weeks ago by Sen. Liliana Segre for supposed environmental reasons is much worse because it proves to have such a scale of values ​​so as not to understand that any legitimate right of criticism stops before defacing such an important place for the civil conscience of our community, moreover on days so difficult from the point of view of respect with respect to these values ​​and to the people who have promoted and realized this place "." Now we just have to go back to work and fix things because everything is fine when a tree is dedicated to Vaclav Havel during the week, "he concluded.

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