The fully customizable Italian electric microcar


He made his debut at the Eicma 2019 Tazzari Zero 4 Opensky, a car that you can fully configure online

Tazzari Zero 4 Opensky
(Photo: Tazzari)

Tazzari Zero 4 Opensky is revealed toEicma 2019 underway as a new proposal for the electric mobility made in Italy which stands out for its affordable prices and for being completely customizable thanks to the online configurator. After Zero City seen two years ago, Tazzari Ev launches a new one microcar which gives a nod to the younger public and is available in three versions.

The simple version Tender it can accommodate up to four people and can increase the rear load capacity up to 750 liters by removing the folding bench. However, it can only be used in private areas and not on public roads. The version Limited it differs from the previous one precisely because of its ability, in fact, to move freely returning to the L7e approval category, while the version Sport can also venture into extra-urban streets given therange up to 180 km.

1.5 m wide, 1.6 m high and 3.135 long, Tazzari Zero 4 Opensky reaches one speeds of 45, 60 and 90 km / h depending on the versions. The headlights are full led. It weighs 475 kg without a lithium battery thanks to the use ofaluminum for the platform with supporting frame, rollbar compartment, and structural doors and bull bar is back bar Optional.

Thanks to online configurator it's possible choose practically any detail with the colors of each element from the cover to the bonnet. Interesting solution related toinfotainment with the audio speakers that spread the sound through the car's materials so as not to fear rain and other elements.

A lot of technology on board with the navigation system works offline all over the world thanks to dedicated maps and the central touch panel supports Android with access to the Play Store to download apps. Access is guaranteed by keyless system and there is a tool for remote and real-time diagnosis called remote wizard tool.

How much Tazzari Zero 4 Opensky costs? Prices start at 12500 euros for the Tender version, 15300 euros for the Limited and 16300 for the Sport and going up as more personalized items are chosen.

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