The friend loses his wedding ring, they look for it with a metal detector and find a treasure


They were looking for one wedding ring wedding, instead they found a treasure of 1500 from the value of approx 100 thousand pounds. The absurd story comes from Northern Ireland where on October 29, the 44-year-old Paul Raynard and his friend Michael Gwynne, aged 52, they came across virtually by accident in 84 coins antique.

As reported by the newspaper The Independent, the two friends found the treasure near Ballycastle: when the metal detector started ringing they thought they had found the wedding ring, instead there were rare coins dating back to the periods when Henry VIII and Edward VI reigned, all of very high value.

The emotion, as the two have told the British media, was incredible: "It's the moment we've always dreamed of – shouted Paul – how to check the lottery numbers and find out that you've done jackpot''. Now the coins have been sent to Museum Ulster to be identified and evaluated by a team of experts. It will take a few months to know the real value, but the experts have anticipated to Paul that the amount could exceed 100 thousand pounds.

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