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23.02 Thank you all for joining us and good night!

23.00 Great game played by Ugo Humbert who beats 4-3 3-4 4-2 4-2 host Jannik Sinner: the French player closes his Milan tournament with his head held high. From the beginning to the end the transalpine dominated the third and final match of group B: the # 55 in the world, after the good performance against Francis Tiafoe, is repeated, bringing home the result. Thanks to an impregnable service, Humbert put Sinner under pressure, never able to take the measures to an opponent today more in the form of the blue, who does not close undefeated in the group. Tomorrow, Miomir Kecmanovic will try to stop the race towards the final.


2-4 GAME SET AND MATCH! Fly away from Sinner's reverse: a deserved victory for Humbert.

40-40 OUTSIDE THE HUMBERT RIGHT! What a defense of Sinner on the angled accelerations of the French.

40-30 MATCH POINT HUMBERT! Bad sin of Sinner.

30-30 Second in kick on which Sinner does not get well.

15-30 First grazing of the French.

0-30 Great answer still for Italian: the Allianz Cloud ignites.

0-15 Sinner loads! Excellent backhand response out of range.

2-3 After the change of pitch, Humbert will serve for the match.

40-30 Change of pace with the damped Sinner that wants to prolong the match.

30-30 In trance competitive Humbert: another right to full arm.

30-15 The Italian goes up with the service.

0-15 Splint with the right Sinner now discouraged.

1-3 Humbert confirms the break: Sinner hanging by a thread.

40-15 Great first following the curve to the left.

30-15 Does not hold the diagonal backhand Sinner: ball in the net.

15-15 Sinner still faces a response: Italian is too hasty.

0-15 Run away from Humbert's right.

1-2 BREAK HUMBERT! French is fabulous in response today.

30-40 TWO BALLS BREAK! Sinner struggles to find an alternative to Humbert's trips.

30-30 CRAZY SMASH OF HUMBERT! The Frenchman finds yet another broadside of the match on which I'm not coming!

30-15 Bravo Sinner attacking the network: he must attack and vary the 2001 class the most.

15-0 Excellent second for Sinner.

1-1 WHO REVERSE AS A HUMBERT FONDOCAMPO! Chance for Sinner in fact not played: parity.

40-40 Good first after the second pull from the previous point.


30-30 Swinging Humbert: double phallus, another.

30-15 Humbert places the umpteenth landmine: Sinner cannot get there on the flip side.

0-15 Double foul for the native of Metz.

1-0 Great acceleration of Sinner with the right: good start of set.

30-0 Winning right, still with some risk, but effective.

15-0 Good first deep of the blue.


22.32 Ugo Humbert plays without fear: the French also wins the third set in a clear manner, dominating Jannik Sinner, brekkato at partial start.


2-4 THIRD SET AT HUMBERT! The French won the service once again to zero.

40-0 Another great first for French.

30-0 Splint with the Italian backhand: Humbert attacks relentlessly.

15-0 Humbert dominates with the right: Sinner remains motionless with the winning long line.

2-3 Escape the backhand of the # 55 in the world.

40-15 Good before Sinner.

30-15 Answer on the Sinner line: Humbert is slow to raise the right.

15-15 Sinner's right goes online.

1-3 Humbert is playing very well: it will be difficult to beat him today.

40-0 HOW IT'S PLAYING HUMBERT! the French dominates with the reverse, then closes with the volleys.

30-0 Another scream from the right side of the French.

15-0 Humbert finds a great right along the line from the center of the field.

1-2 Holds the Sinner service: Humbert's long answer.

40-0 Service and blue law.

15-0 Ace of Sinner.

0-2 Ace outside the Frenchman and game won.

40-0 WHAT A HUMBERT PASS! The Frenchman, when stationary, places the right at the intersection.

30-0 Humbert gets Sinner on the net and passes with the right.

15-0 The Frenchman begins his work well.

0-1 BREAK OF HUMBERT! Not the best Sinner.

40-40 Good before Italian.

30-40 Stecca Humbert but leads to the error Sinner: break ball.

30-30 Good service of the # 95 in the world.

15-30 Humbert continues to hammer nonstop today: another Sinner error.

0-15 Error in progress of Sinner with the right.


22.12 Jannik Sinner uses a terrific reaction in the second set! Humbert, after escaping at 3-1, did not finish the set, suffering the return of the blue which closed the tie-break in a big way.



3-6 THREE SINNER SET POINTS! Excellent attack by Sinner with the stop volley.

3-5 Humbert resists! Sinner fails to pierce the wall given by the French.

5-2 Sinner Serves & Volleyball! Great moment for Italian.

4-2 Humbert's right does not pass away! Great exchange conducted by Sinner with the backhand.

2-3 GREAT SINNER RESPONSE! Reverse in advance in response!

2-2 Ace by Humbert.

2-1 Good before the blue.

1-1 Sinner's large angled backhand.

1-0 Quick Humbert immediately with the service and right.

3-3 Tie-break, the second of the match!

40-0 Exchange won by Sinner: Humbert does not find the field with the right.

30-0 The backhand of the Frenchman is oversize.

15-0 Excellent before the blue.

2-3 CONTROBREAK SINNER! The Italian immediately retrieves the service with a backhand missile.

15-40 TRE PALLE BREAK SINNER! Great backhand answer of blue.

15-30 Great first of the French.

0-30 Sinner takes advantage of the short answer of the transalpine.

0-15 Right in long push of Humbert.

1-3 BREAK HUMBERT! The Frenchman is playing on spectacular levels.

30-40 TWO BALLS BREAK OF HUMBERT! the French find another winning line.

30-30 Humbert is still aggressive in response to the law.

30-15 Excellent before Italian.

15-15 Great backhand of the blue line.

0-15 Inverted diagonally in Sinner's net.

1-2 Ace of the French.

40-30 Sinner manages to move Humbert who can't find the field with the back in back.

40-15 Another first grazing of the Metz native.

30-15 Holds the Sinner exchange that once again does not find the winner, exaggerating.

15-15 Awkward Humbert's right attempt: ball out.

15-0 Humbert without fear or pressure: right across the board diagonally.

1-1 First to go out and balance in Milan.

40-15 Very good deep French: he is suffering on the back Sinner.

40-0 Good before the blue.

30-0 As recommended by Piatti, Sinner attacks the net: straight and downhill winning.

0-1 The young Frenchman serves.

40-30 Sinner's answer is still too long until now.

15-30 Too slow in the Humbert movements in this second set: straight on the net.

15-15 Double foul for Humbert, the first of the match.

15-0 Humbert's second good: Sinner can't find the answer.


21.42 Jannik Sinner loses at the tie-break for 7 points at 5 the first set: Ugo Humbert is unplayable at the service, and during the partial there are few surprises. Then, with an advantage mini-break, the transalpine took the partial at the second set point.


5-7 FIRST HUMBERT SET! Sinner too diagonal right.

6-5 THAT REVERSE OF SINNER! Jannik pulls a great response and then with the angled back, he cancels a set point.

6-4 Another winning service from Humbert.

4-5 Bravo Jannik still pushing with the right: set in the balance.

3-5 Sinner's winning right after the excellent first.

5-2 Escape the right of Sinner, who had given the idea of ​​being able to win the exchange.

4-2 Bravo Sinner who commands the exchange by moving with Humbert power but in the end the backhand goes off on the belt.

2-3 Sinner's Ace.

1-3 Sinner does not find the right angled: French mini-break.

2-1 Same scheme on the short blue answer.

1-1 Humbert's service and backhand.

1-0 Sinner held the exchange with solidity despite Humbert trying two accelerations in a row.

3-3 We go to the tie-break: balanced first set.

40-30 Sinner acceleration that finds depth with the reverse.

40-15 Grand premiere at 213km / h of Humbert.

30-15 Try to push on the second Sinner: long ball.

15-15 Humbert tries the reverse line: ball that stops on the belt after an interesting diagonal exchange.

15-0 Try pushing with the backhand diagonally on Sinner: a little long ball.

3-2 Another Sinner winning service that guarantees tie-breaks.

40-30 Exchange commanded by Sinner who then suffers from Humbert's long back: ball in the net.

40-15 Great right of the line by Humbert in response.

40-0 Effective scheme of Sinner: service and backhand.

30-0 First Italian winner.

15-0 Crazy backhand by Sinner from the baseline: winning diagonally.

2-2 Ace: Humbert unleashed in the service.

40-15 Humbert risks but gets well on Sinner's short ball.

30-15 Bravissimo Sinner who handles Humbert and attacks the net.

30-0 Service and French law.

15-0 WHAT A PASSER OF HUMBERT! The Frenchman finds a long backhand after the prolonged exchange commanded by Sinner.

2-1 Sinner has no service problems: both players keep the service.

40-15 Still pushing Sinner: right angled but out of little.

40-0 Another French mistake: Sinner in control.

30-0 Great backhand diagonally on the low ball: Sinner starts to get better.

15-0 Service and right with Sinner's security.

1-1 Other external service: balance in Milan.

40-30 Sinner's profound right: Humbert is not reactive and shoots on the net.

40-0 Ace of the Frenchman.

30-0 Humbert's first good first.

15-0 They start trading the two: Sinner doesn't keep the pace.

1-0 Sinner starts well by holding the serve.

40-30 Good before serving Italian.

30-30 Slow start: trade with little rhythm so far.

30-15 Good before the blue.

15-15 Along the back of the left-handed man from Metz.

0-15 Shoot out Sinner with the right.

0-0 It's off to Milan! Will the French win to conclude with pride or will Sinner show his hunger for victories?


21.13 The warm-up between the two players ends.

21.11 Humbert will no longer be able to participate in the NextGen Finals: after having been one of the two reserves of the 2018 edition, this year will end with the elimination in the round robin.

21.09 Jannik Sinner yesterday won against Mikael Ymer, securing the second ATP semi-final after the Antwerp one a few weeks ago.

21.07 Today's two protagonists take to the field!

21.06 Sinner challenges the # 55 in the world: Ugo Humbert won the Ortisei and Andria Challengers in Italy. This year instead, only at home, in Cherbourg.

21.04 The blue is managing to show flashes of solidity out of the ordinary for its age: Sinner is not afraid to play in an offensive way, even risking as shown with Ymer.

21.02 So far the Italian has not shown that he is suffering from the pressure of the Allianz Cloud, which is getting excited about following the blue, which has gained more than 500 positions in a magical 2019.

9.00 pm To try and finish from unbeaten, winning all the round robin matches, Sinner will try to beat Ugo Humbert, last in group B and already eliminated.

20.58 Jannik Sinner takes the field with the certainty already of the first position in the group: the # 95 in the world has beaten Francis Tiafoe, losing a set, at the debut, and dominating yesterday Mikael Ymer.

20.56 Defined therefore the picture of tomorrow's semi-finals: the # 1 favorite of seeding, Alex de Minaur against Francis Tiafoe and Miomir Kecmanovic against Jannik Sinner.

20.54 Soon the last round robin match will start: Francis Tiafoe won with a 4-2 win over Mikael Ymer.

20.52 Hello everyone and welcome to the live textual live of Jannik Sinner and Ugo Humbert, third day of group B of NextGen ATP Finals 2019.



Sinner-Humbert's program – Sinner-Humbert's presentation

Good evening and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of the match between Jannik Sinner and Ugo Humbert, valid for Group B of Next Gen ATP Finals 2019 tennis. On the hard indoor of theAllianz Cloud of Milan the Italian wants the plein, after defeating the American Frances Tiafoe and the Swede Michael Ymer.

Sinner has already removed the ticket for the semi-finals and so this match will be important for Jannik to confirm himself as the leader of the group and have confirmations on his tennis. Until now, his performance has been very high. Always playing at high speeds, with the obverse and the obverse, the South Tyrolean showed great qualities, which left everyone speechless, considering his age and experience.

In tennis, however, every game played is part of the past and the most important success is what has yet to come. The 18-year-old native of the Province of Bolzano knows it well, trained by Riccardo Piatti, he does not want to lose sight of his goal, continuing to grind his game of aggression. But the challenge against the French will not be simple. Despite having lost to Tiafoe and Ymer, the transalpine is technically gifted: the left-handed forehand, in particular, can be a dangerous weapon. Jannik will have to be careful, today's match will be a mentally important test.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE of the match between Jannik Sinner and Ugo Humbert, valid for Group B of Next Gen ATP Finals 2019 tennis: real-time news and constant updates. The match will start no earlier than 9.00 pm. Have fun! (Photo: Alessio Tarpini / LPS)

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