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6.45pm: Very difficult conditions in the first round, hopefully the weather is mild for FP2.

18.43: Power Units, therefore, particularly requested.

18.41: As far as the Power Unit is concerned, the Brazilian track will not be too demanding for the endothermic units, but will put the turbochargers under pressure. To compensate for the loss of power, estimated at around 1.5%, due to the more rarefied air, the turbocharger unit will have to run at a speed greater than about 2,000 rpm.

18.39: The Brazilian track is usually a medium / medium-high downforce due to the numerous curves present above all in the second sector, which however also enhances the motor characteristics of the cars. In fact, it is worth noting the presence of two long straights between the first and third sector where it will be necessary to generate very high speeds both to minimize the loss of time on the lap and to be able to be efficient in performing overtaking in the race.

18.36: On the Monegasque single-seater a new member has been mounted after the critical points found in Austin a couple of weeks ago and therefore the young champion of the Rossa will have to serve ten penalty positions on Sunday's starting grid.

18.34: As was known, Charles Leclerc was replaced "only" the endothermic engine at the 2019 Brazilian GP, ​​the penultimate stage of the F1 World Championship that is run on the Interlagos circuit.

18.32: It will be interesting to understand, therefore, what the conditions of these FP2 will be, important for delineating the balance on the track.

18.30: Third and fourth the two Ferraris, with the German Sebastian Vettel detached from 0.899 and the Monegasque Charles Leclerc of 1.143 turning above all in the first phase of the session with a track still very wet. In the last five minutes the team from Maranello has sent both single-seaters on the track with the slick, but was unable to improve the times previously set with the intermediate cars.

18.27: Behind Albon we find the Mercedes of the Finnish Valtteri Bottas, second place at 0.551 from the summit at the end of a round in which he showed an excellent competitiveness with intermediate tires on wet asphalt also thanks to the high aerodynamic load that he releases the W10.

18.25: In the closing stages the Thai of Red Bull has mounted dry tires like many others but going to crash into the barriers outside the Juncao corner thus damaging the front right suspension and causing the red flag that put an end to the session.

18.23: Alexander Albon closed the FP1 at the top of the standings thanks to an excellent 1’16 ″ 142 obtained with intermediate tires in the best moment of the round as far as track conditions are concerned

18.21: First free practice session not very significant due to a constantly improving wet asphalt which did not allow the riders to make time with slick tires in the last minutes.

18.19: Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE for free practice 2 of the Brazilian GP, ​​penultimate round of the 2019 World F1 Championship. On the Interlagos track, the drivers and teams will try to find the ideal set-up in the shortest time in view of tomorrow's qualifying and the Sunday race.








16.33 It's all for this first session with little action on the track. The appointment is for 19:00 with FP2, hoping that the track remains dry. Later, a greeting from OA Sport.

16.32 The final ranking is therefore unchanged from twenty minutes ago:

1 Alexander ALBON 1: 16.142
2 Valtteri BOTTAS +0.551
3 Sebastian VETTEL +0.899
4 Charles LECLERC +1.143
5 Carlos SAINZ +1.644
6 Nico HULKENBERG + 1.757
7 Daniel RICCIARDO + 1.843
8 Pierre GASLY +1.958
9 Daniil KVYAT +2.132
10 Lando NORRIS +2.417
11 George RUSSELL +2.637
12 Kevin MAGNUSSEN +3.105
13 Lances STROLL +3.272
14 Kimi RAIKKONEN +3.390
15 Antonio GIOVINAZZI +3.458
16 Nicholas LATIFI +3.868
17 Romain GROSJEAN
18 Sergio PEREZ

4.30 pm The session ends here, Albon remains in front of everyone and Hamilton and Verstappen stop these timeless FP1s.

16.28 Albon in barrier !! RED FLAG IS FINAL SESSION! What a pity!

16.27 Hamilton and Bottas opt for the yellow, Ferrari and Red Bull on the soft. Leclerc's burr in curve 1 and immediately behind him Verstappen spins, with no consequences. Conditions very close.

16.26 Even Leclerc and Vettel out on a dry tire, then Hamilton and Albon. Everything happens in the last few seconds.

16.25 And Hamilton also returns to the cockpit. We finally start with the slicks, thanks to Verstappen !!!

16.22 Raikkonen on the track but still with the intermediates, while Verstappen prepares for a last-minute attempt. Will he be the first to throw himself with the redheads?

16.20 Only Russell on the track, the teams are waiting for the right moment, 10 minutes still available.

16.18 The only 4 still to be timeless are Grosjean, Perez, Verstappen and Hamilton. Albon also confirms that it's time to move to slick, it promises to be a last time panic attack!

16.16 Of time there is still a lot and the trajectory is always clearer, the impression is that the red rubber is about to make its appearance.

16.14 1.16.399 for the Thai who puts himself in front of everyone taking advantage of the best asphalt conditions compared to rivals.

16.12 Albon is also launched, the first official attempt also for Red Bull, while his partner Verstappen is still quiet.

16.10 Twenty minutes to the end. Has Hamilton deigned to be a public of the past or has he already resigned himself to waiting for FP2?

16.07 Rear wing on Leclerc SF90 changed. The version with a more spoon-shaped profile, slightly more discharged, has been replaced by a more linear and "load" one.

16.05 Bottas puts 348 thousandths in front of Vettel in his first real attempt. 1: 16.693 its time.

16.03 Now Bottas is launched, the track is practically dry in many places.

16.02 The only Russell at the moment in action, it is possible that many are waiting for the evolution of the track to try the possible red in the final.

16.00 At one hour from the start of the round here are the thirteen riders who recorded a time:

1 Sebastian VETTEL 1: 17.041
2 Charles LECLERC +0.244
3 Carlos SAINZ +0.745
4 Nico HULKENBERG +0.858
5 Daniel RICCIARDO +0.944
6 Pierre GASLY +1.136
7 Lando NORRIS +1.518
8 Daniil KVYAT +1.523
9 George RUSSELL +2.179
10 Kevin MAGNUSSEN +2.206
11 Kimi RAIKKONEN +2.491
12 Antonio GIOVINAZZI +2.559
13 Nicholas LATIFI +4.479

15.58 Interesting Ricciardo radio team that announced that it is starting to ruin its tires, a symptom that the asphalt is less and less humid and there is also the possibility to see the slick at the end of the session.

15.56 Vettel takes the first position now in 1: 17.041, flying in T2 and T3.

15.55 The Ferraris are still on the track, the track is drying more and more.

15.53 Great third time for Hulkenberg who is only 8 tenths behind Leclerc. The German does not yet have a seat for next year and his future is almost certainly marked.

15.50 Third aborted lap for Hamilton who prefers not to keep an official time. Verstappen in total tranquility without suit.

15.48 Second position for him with 459 thousandths of delay.

15.47 Rapid pitstop for Sebastian who mounted the green (intermediate) and ran for his lap.

3.45 pm The German is slow given the chosen compound, the right tire at the moment is certainly intermediate.

15.44 Leclerc asked its mechanics to be able to do a few more laps than expected, so as to become familiar with the conditions and test the new engine. Vettel is also back on track with wet tires.

15.42 Hamilton and Verstappen do not complete their lap. Leclerc immediately destroys his time, falling by almost 4 seconds and bringing the limit to 1: 17,285.

15.40 The Leclerc is improved by another seven tenths (1: 21.259) before returning to mount the intermediates in turn.

15.38 And the first two to go out with the intermediates are Hamilton and Verstappen! The session is turned on.

15.36 First provisional position for the Monegasque who trims a couple of tenths to Sainz and gets on 1: 21.971

15.34 The moment of Lewis Hamilton also seems to have arrived. The British sports the new helmet dedicated to Brazil and Senna, and seems ready to go out for the first time.

15.32 Back on track Leclerc. Definitely effective starting test for him coming out of the pits.

15.30 Meanwhile, the improvement work continues in the various boxes. In Red Bull at the moment we act by comparing the two different front wings brought here.

15.27 There are 23 degrees at the moment in São Paulo, good temperatures that could help to dry the track.

15.25 A Bottas radio team confirms that the asphalt situation is improving very quickly and soon you could see someone mounting the intermediates.

15.23 Carlos Sainz is the first to cross the finish line after launching his lap, 1: 23.689.

15.22 No one has yet completed an official round and we are therefore looking forward to the early stages.

15.20 And the time has also come for the world champions. Valtteri Bottas is the first Mercedes to try it, an immediate starting test coming out of the pitlane, certainly not perfect for the Finn.

15.19 Now the rain has fallen substantially and many teams have taken the path of the track. Full wet rubber for everyone.

15.17 Verstappen still without the upper part of the suit, quietly talking to the engineers.

15.16 Grosjean now in action. It is curious to note that only Ferrari-powered vehicles have attempted gambling so far.

15.14 A lot of work inside the pitlane by mechanics to dry the respective pads to the maximum, so as to be able to make the most of the situation if we could begin to think of mounting at least the intermediate ones.

15.12 Alfa Romeo followed the strategy of the Reds, without completing the round. Small signs of a decrease in rain at this time, a weather situation to be constantly monitored.

15.10 Bottas meanwhile decides to fill up … of coffee. The winner of two of the last three races will try to continue his great period of form.

15.08 Starting trial for the SF90 # 5, in search of redemption after the disastrous (even if innocent) outcome of the US GP when an unreliable suspension conditioned the first laps until the final withdrawal.

15.06 As expected, the German is immediately included in the pitlane. Simple installation lap for him, even if he continues without stopping. Leclerc, who had followed his companion, stopped instead.

15.04 It is Sebastian Vettel himself who warms the fans' spirits by going out with full wet tires to understand the conditions of the asphalt.

15.02 For now no one decides to go into action, flat calm in the pits in these first few moments.

15:00 Green light! The Interlagos weekend has begun. FP1 started.

14.58 Rain is expected throughout the day and therefore should also weigh heavily on FP2 this evening, while tomorrow the situation is more uncertain and, at the moment, qualifications could be dry.

14.55 Exactly a year ago we all remember the episode that involved Verstappen and the dubbed Ocon, which caused the rival's spin and the consequent victory of Hamilton in his place. The French paid quite a price for that episode because from that moment the already remaining hopes of remaining in the circus this year if they went. However the talented former Force India is ready to get back in the car from the next season with Renault.

14.53 A news from the last hour is confirmation of the presence of Mercedes even after 2020. There were no major doubts about it but it was confirmed a little while ago by Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedez-Benz.

14.51 Nobody is preparing for the moment to get on track, as was to be expected. A lot of work on the cars that will probably go to make at least one training lap during the session, to verify that everything is in order.

14.49 For Sunday there should be no risk of downpours (the conditional in Brazil is always a must) and therefore for many teams it might not be worth risking accidents to accumulate probably useless data.

14.47 The sky is very dark and the rain has been falling for several hours. The activity on the track may not even be much because the conditions are very dangerous.

14.45 Fifteen minutes to the start of the session.

14.42 Ferrari is not the only one to have brought updates, Red Bull is in fact presented with a modification to the front wing that had already been seen on the occasion of Monte Carlo on Verstappen's RB15. For the Austrian team the objective is naturally to undermine the two great rivals as much as possible, even on a track like this that is less favorable to them.

14.40 We remind you that because of the time zone between Brazil and Italy the race will start on Sunday at 18:10 local time.

14.38 For Lewis Hamilton it is the first official champion release. The British is in great shape and can begin to concentrate towards 2020 in which he will go hunting for Michael Schumacher's historic record.

14.35 In this regard, the expectation for this new specification on the SF90 carried by Leclerc is very high. In any case, Interlagos should be a better track for the SF90 than in Austin and therefore the prospects for the Reds are encouraging.

14.33 The battle for the third position in the world ranking between the two Ferraris and the same Verstappen remains wide open. Leclerc starts with a good haul of points ahead (14 on Max and 19 on his partner), but this weekend he will have to pay a penalty of 10 positions on the grid for replacing his power unit.

14.31 Ferrari is back from the opaque weekend in America and, after the controversy that arose above all from the words of the Dutch Verstappen, is called to immediate redemption. Who, better than the track, can respond to the accusations?

14.29 The world titles have already been assigned, to the British Lewis Hamilton and to his Mercedes, and in these last two rounds we will try therefore to test some novelties in view of the winter. The desire of everyone to do well anyway remains high and the wait for the green light is very high.

14.27 We are back on track one week from Austin for the last appointment of an intense season, marked by the Mercedes domination in the first phase and by a good recovery of Ferrari in the second one. The day also includes the second session which will start at 19:00 Italian time.

2.25 pm Good afternoon, well back on OA Sport, ready to follow the approach to the first free practice for the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, which will start at 3:00 pm


The program of the Brazil GP (November 15th) – The presentation of the Brazil GP – Leclerc with the 2020 engine?

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of the free practice 1 of the Brazilian GP, ​​penultimate round of the 2019 World F1 Championship. On the Interlagos track, the drivers and teams will try to find the ideal set-up in the shortest time in view of tomorrow's qualifying and the Sunday race.

Ferrari will have to deal with the penalty to Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque will in fact be sanctioned for 10 positions on the starting grid for having replaced his Red Unit's Power Unit. The Prancing Horse technicians, in fact, could not help but change the second unit used in Austin (United States) and at the same time they failed to recover the damaged EV03 engine during the FP3 in Texas. Therefore a weekend with a handicap is planned for Charles, but he could have a propeller in the 2020 version. We'll see.

A circuit, on paper, that should smile at the SF90, endowed with great power. A topic that has become hot in recent weeks, given that many teams (including Mercedes and Red Bull) have asked the FIA ​​for clarifications on the use of petrol linked to maximizing engine performance. The second directive of the Federation on this topic feeds the controversy, given that Ferrari found itself at the center of a case, without ever having violated the rules in practice.

However, beyond this, German Sebastian Vettel is willing to stand out, eager to exploit the problems of the partner / rival and launch the gauntlet to the Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton already world champion and Valtteri Bottas ready to grant the encore after what happened in the States. The Teutonic, for his part, must cancel the withdrawal suffered in the USA and Brazil has the chance to make up for it.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE for the free practice 1 of the Brazilian GP, ​​the penultimate round of the 2019 World F1 Championship: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 15.00. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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