The four young men who beat Salvini by filling the square with sardines


BOLOGNA – They are thirty years old, they do something else in life compared to politics. But yesterday evening in Bologna they filled the square by beating Matteo Salvini, who at the same time gave the electoral campaign in Emilia Romagna to the January 26th vote at the PalaDozza. Such as? With the power of numbers. And so much peaceful creativity. The four who did the business are Mattia Santori, Roberto Morotti, Giulia Trappoloni is Andrea Garreffa. Friends of a lifetime. Not very social, double degree in the pocket, work and dreams, a lot of commitment to volunteering and to social work. And a desire to react to the advance of the sovereign, not through protagonism, but through a spirit of participation and community.Giulia comes from San Sepolcro, lives in Bologna for years, is a physiotherapist: she turns 30 next February, she is the youngest of the "four Musketeers". Roberto is an engineer, in his free time he holds creative workshops on plastic recycling. Andrea, who arrived from Savona to Bologna at the age of six, has a master's degree in public and social communication sciences. He has traveled the world with his studies: Valencia, California and Washington. He has completed a thesis in environmental communication, now he is a tour guide, a cyclist guide throughout Europe.



The party of the anti-League square: "We are in 12 thousand"

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Young people with an eye on others and the world. Mattia, a graduate in political science and economics, educator and ultimate frisbee instructor, created the association "La ricotta": every year he organizes the "Gallo da tre" basketball tournament to finance the rebuilding of suburban playgrounds in memory of the friend Davide Galletti, who died of leukemia. Roberto and Andrea take the field. Always together.How was the piazza of the "sardines" born? Via Facebook. Mattia did not sleep there at night: why can Salvini say that he will take Emilia and we are all silent? This is how the message to friends started: let's find each other. In the kitchen of the house that they shared for years the idea was born: «Salvini arrives at PalaDozza: the building has 5,570 seats. We must be more. " Hence the flash mob "Seimila sardine" in piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

Piazza Maggiore overflowing with "sardines" against Matteo Salvini: "Bologna does not bite"

The choice of the symbol: a silent fish, which does not scream like the screamers of the web and of the rallies, but who is at the counter. Together, many: here is the message. Since the social launch, they have moved to leafleting in the nightlife of kids in the streets of downtown Bologna, and then door to door, phone calls. Old methods. They worked: they expected six thousand people in the square, they were also afraid of not making it. They brought twice as much.



League, Salvini's cold autumn

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