The flop of the voiceless princess. Charlene in Isola disappoints children in a day of returning to the Middle Ages VIDEO PHOTOS


The event for the inauguration of the new Parrozzani school turns into an anachronistic and timeless 'selection'. How many ugly figures: press and families excluded from schools

GRAN SASSO ISLAND – Imagine the disappointment of children, on the day they waited to discover their new school, with colorful workshops, the gym, the class with models of human bodies and the great white wall on which to leave their signature next to the Red Cross symbol. For days they had been told that it would be a princess to bring them this gift. Yes, one of those known so far only through the tale of fairy tales, which would be revealed in flesh and blood before them. And the excitement and expectation turned into an avalanche of letters, in greetings translated into French, into a commitment to review and revise the national anthem so as not to make a bad impression on the day of the ceremony. She has snubbed everyone and what is worse, she has forced them, the children, parents and teachers, to be the last of the last to enter the new school. With the complicity of an amateur organization and a security service flattened by the charges imposed by the counterpart of the Principality of Monaco. With the only exception that we are on Italian soil. But there can be: what is not acceptable, is that the wife of Prince Albert did not say a word. Nothing at all, except a few exchanges with the translator who was next to her. Only a few gestures and nothing more, he didn't even hear the obligation to give a short speech, a greeting, a hint of empathic contact. Nothing.
Knowing the difficulties of interfacing with the public of the ruling Monte Carlo, it was to be expected. Security is just an excuse, in Isola del Gran Sasso, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy. The real problem is the fear that the press could approach it, that institutional respect for keeping at a distance and not putting it in difficulty (but how then?) Was observed. The fact is that for four days already it had been made 'disappear' from the official program, despite the government apparatuses were in movement for its arrival, straconfermato already from last Thursday. As if leaving its presence in doubt, it could discourage journalists from following the initiative.
But what a testimonial, then, is a princess, among other things of one of the most fascinating kingdoms of old Europe? No photos, no cameras or reporters in the area of ​​the ribbon cutting: the announced diktat became real yesterday morning near the school. Only the common sense of the experience of some journalist and the recovery, even if belatedly, of those who had made a mistake, allowed to reach a compromise that made the event remain the testimony for those who were not there and for the posterity.
A service therefore intransigent, but full of flaws. In the end, looking around, the only ones who could not enter or have freedom of movement were journalists and children's families. While the rest of the world was in or in the parade doing catwalk, still in 2020, and without having to deal with the new school. But the icing on the cake was the buffet offered at the end of the event: the princess (who did not eat) and the … court enclosed in a courtyard, the … subjects in a big tent piled for a sandwich with pork. As happened exactly in the Middle Ages. And you must also thank …

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