The first boy died in the Hong Kong protest


The Hong Kong protest mourns the first death. a university student who fell from an elevated parking lot during the night between Sunday and Monday, while in the area police and protesters were facing each other. Chow Tsz-lok, 22, who was in his second year of computer science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, had hit his head and suffered irreversible brain damage. died this morning in the hospital.

When he lost his balance, Chow escaped from tear gas of the police. The principal of his faculty said he would file a complaint against the excessive use of force by the police. Governor Carrie Lam also expressed emotion and said the case deserves an investigation. Among the five famous questions of the movement that started from the protest against the extradition law, there is a commission of inquiry into police violence. The comrades remember Chow as a studious and open boy, who loved netball, a team sport similar to basketball.

Beijing is raising the tone of movement warnings Democratic and anti-government in Hong Kong. The Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party has just recalled that the city must implement the law on national security in force in the rest of the People's Republic, otherwise it will suffer unsustainable costs. Hong Kong, in the twenty-two years since it returned to China, has never passed regulations implementing the Chinese national security law, despite the fact that the law is included in its constitution. There are fears of a flattening of the Beijing system and a reduction in freedom. The protest continues from the beginning of June and no peaceful outlets are seen. The first to be killed will be commemorated at the weekend and new clashes are expected on the streets of the City.

November 8, 2019 (modified November 8, 2019 | 05:04)


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