"The episodes have affected the game"


Fabio spoke at the end of the match between Brescia and Turin Big. Here are his statements on Sky microphones: "With the president we talked until recently, discussing what happened. The match? The double penalty conditioned him and then was decided with a red card. In the second half the team had a reaction, I liked the reaction of the team. Finally, the third goal cut our legs. In the final the team must understand that the game should never be left, it would have been important to finish the race at 0-3. We tried to get back on top but we didn't succeed. Balotelli? Mario has great qualities, but I removed it because it is not his characteristic to chase the opponent. After the expulsion I had to field the players I needed most, we have to make choices. Also in the first part the team was contracted, instead there are energies that must be released. I start from what I said when I arrived, it's a difficult but challenging challenge. It is a game that must be taken and taken home, from this race we can take many lessons ”.

Then again Grosso, at a press conference: "It wasn't the debut we all wanted, we knew the pitfalls of the game. We had started it with a good approach, then there were so many episodes that conditioned it. Two penalties and one expulsion, all things that made today's match finish as we didn't want to. At the beginning of the second half I saw something positive, we tried to close the gap. It is a bad result, I am aware that it is a difficult challenge but I am convinced that there are possibilities to do well. The change of Balotelli? We were 0-2 and with one man less, I chose to leave on the pitch who could give me more defensive generosity. Mario has many advantages, but not this one. After 15 minutes I tried to put Donnarumma on as well, we needed people to run empty even though we were two goals down and one man less. I think he understood it".

On the situation: "I know it is a difficult situation, but I am convinced that with work we will be able to take satisfaction away. Aye? I had tried to put Balotelli against their central defensive, with Aye and Spalek who had to cut him behind. The team is contracted and I see it, but initially we even managed a couple of times. But it is a game in which the episodes raged against us".

On Corini: "He and I know each other, we have a beautiful relationship. I certainly when I agreed to come here I knew the pitfalls that would have been there. Today in the choices I made I tried to put more players in the middle of the field, because when you find solidity in the middle of the field you can help the defense and at the same time accompany the attack. It is a game that we can examine in the first 15 ′, because with what happened afterwards it is not easy to continue it. We go home disappointed and bitter, because it was not what we wanted. Serie A is a complicated championship because it faces tanks. But I believe in the skills of my players and in the possibility of being able to take away satisfaction".

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