the embrace with dad and sisters


Happy ending: little Alvin Berisha, 11, arrived at the international airport Leonardo da Vinci of Fiumicino, where he could embrace dad and sisters. The child was kidnapped and taken away from Italy in 2014 by his mother Valbona Berisha, who was radicalized via the web and left for Syria to join Isis.

Alvin's mother would have died in an explosion. The child had ended up in the Al Hol refugee camp, north east of Syria. It is the largest refugee camp in Syria, housing a large part of the population fled from Raqqa and also the wives and children of the militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

Alvin landed in Rome Fiumicino

In the past few hours Alvin has landed on a scheduled Alitalia flight (AZ 827) from Beirut. Alvin thus returns to the family thanks to a mission of international cooperation which saw the protagonists of the SCIP (Central Directorate of the Criminal Police), the ROS (Special Operational Grouping), the Albanian Consulate, the Italian Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

"Happy with the release of Alvin, which was the fruit of a great team game in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our diplomatic network actively participated, "commented Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

Now it is imperative that a respectful silence falls over the affair.

Alvin, the child taken away by his mother who became a foreign fighter for ISIS

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