The drama of Venice and the farce of those who "if there was the Mose"


The Basilica of San Marco has existed since 828 after Christ, that is for almost 1200 years. He informs the Procuratoria of San Marco, the body that has administered it for centuries, that during this time the high water has invaded it six times, so once every two centuries. But of the six "floods", three took place in the last twenty years and two in the last twelve months.

What else must happen if we understand, who has the responsibility to administer the "common good" at different levels understand, that the climatic emergency is not an abstract environmental problem, but the main threat weighing today on safety, on well-being, on the cultural identity of us Italians as well as of every other people of the world?

The climate that changes is certainly not a novelty in the history of billions of years of our planet, which is full of climatic upheavals compared to which the current "climate change" pales. The cause of the changes that are changing the global climate at a sustained pace is instead an unprecedented one: they are not caused by natural factors, it is the action of man.

Humanity is the author of the increase in average temperatures, the rise in the level of seas and oceans, the multiplication (in number, intensity, location) of extreme weather phenomena such as droughts, hurricanes, floods. And humanity is at the same time the first victim of this process.

Added to this is another relevant aspect. The damage caused by climate change is "class": it affects the poor first and most, and the poorest countries where the mass of "climate migrants" are forced to leave their land each year because it is no longer water or food, both the poor of the "rich" world exposed without defenses to increasingly frequent waves of heat and bad weather as the progressive drying up of soils.

Is this a drama with no way out? Quite the contrary. The output is there, there is still time to prevent the increase in the global average temperature of the planet – the true indicator of "climate change" – to exceed that degree and half centigrade (compared to pre-industrial levels) considered by almost all of climate scientists as the point of no return. But to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the main cause of climate change must be erased as soon as possible: the use of fossil fuels to produce energy, to move people and goods, to manufacture artifacts.

It must be reached quickly, within a few decades, by focusing on an economy that optimizes the use of natural resources and minimizes waste and waste (the circular economy), on clean and renewable energy sources and on a strong improvement in efficiency in use. energy. So: cancel the use of coal, oil and other fossils and reduce the energy and materials needed to get every euro, or dollar, or yuan of goods and services. Ways today widely viable thanks to technological progress.

The transition that can save us from a catastrophic – we repeat: catastrophic first of all for man – a climate explosion is naturally a complicated path, which requires transforming in a short time consolidated ways of producing and consuming. On this path the European Greens have given the name of "green new deal": we need a new social pact that puts the fight against climate change first.

Now, for a pact like this we need ruling classes capable of recognizing and determined to serve the general interest. For now they are scarce, and in Italy more than elsewhere. Thus, faced with the drama of San Marco submerged, leading political leaders continue to invoke the "Mose", the system of mobile dams that has been under construction for twenty years and is still unfinished: not only a very expensive work, not just food for a formidable round of corruption, but above all useless in order to effectively defend the lagoon from high water.

Almost no one in the government rooms has reacted to this drama in the only sensible way: by saying clearly that stopping climate change is a top priority for public policies. Yet for our country, poor in raw materials and also for this accustomed for centuries to "do more and better with less", the green challenge is also an extraordinary opportunity for good development, as they know and how they teach (eloquent on this data from the last "Green Italy" Report of the Symbola Foundation) thousands of small and large companies investing in "eco-innovation" have seen turnover, employment and export grow.

It would be nice if from San Marco flooded and threatened in its inimitable history and beauty the alarm would come for our "public decision makers". That, for example, the current government born by praising the mobilization of the "Greta boys" and promising the "green new deal", takes its promise seriously and decides – from energy to taxation, from public works to industrial policies – to to propose to the social forces and to all citizens a time schedule made of rigorous objectives that sounds more or less like this: we make Italy the "green queen" of Europe. It is not science fiction, and it might even help in consensus.

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