The cyclone arrives, storms on Sicily


Wave of bad weather at the beginning of the week: orange alert on the Island

The cyclone arrives, storms on Sicily

"A new difficult week on the meteorological front for Italy is awaiting us, due to a Mediterranean cyclone that between Monday and Tuesday will bring bad weather back to most of the Peninsula". Bad news from the meteorologists of and from the regional Civil Protection, which issued an orange alert, valid from 4pm today until 24am tomorrow.

For tomorrow in Sicily rainfall is expected "scattered from late morning, tending to widespread and persistent in the second part of the day with phenomena of predominantly reverse or temporal character with very high cumulative quantities on the ionic slopes and generally high on the remaining sectors Eastern and Southern and Western sectors; spread from the afternoon to prevailing down or temporal character on the remaining areas with generally moderate cumulative quantities ”; winds from strong to south-eastern gales, with strong storm gusts especially from the afternoon on the ionic and Tyrrhenian sectors ”; seas "Very wavy, tending to agitated, the southern Tyrrhenian and the Ionian".

In the southern regions, therefore, between Monday and Tuesday a severe wave of bad weather is expected with very intense rains and thunderstorms, in particular between Sicily, Ionian Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia where violent storms are not excluded and “total pluviometric peaks even higher than 150- 200 mm, all accompanied by even stormy sirocco winds with gusts of over 100 km / h, particularly on the Ionian and Salento slopes. The seas will be so moved, agitated or even large offshore, with waves of more than 4-5 meters, especially on the Ionian Sea, and violent sea storms on the exposed coasts. Possible disruptions, damages and hydrogeological problems. "

Rains and storms will rise from the southern regions towards the central north. Bad weather will resurface several times in different areas of Italy, concentrating mainly in the Center North in the second part of the week.

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