The curious case of Rome and Lazio: the same results from 4 games, the same route from 8. And also yesterday …


Different colors but equal in results. What is happening to Rome is Lazio it's something special. The two historical rivals they travel from eight games at exactly the same pace in the league. Simple coincidence? What catches the eye of the most attentive, however, is the fact that giallorossi and biancocelesti from four races have obtained the same identical results at the final whistle: last night, then, both Roman teams were mocked at the end, losing 2-1 against the Germans of Moenchengladbach, the other against the Scots of Celtic at the Olimpico.

In the championship history repeats itself: 2-1 in Roma-Napoli, 1-2 in Milan-Lazio. In the tenth of Serie A the script is always the same: la Rome Udine throws out with four goals in ten men, the Lazio cousins ​​at home draw poker at Turin. If you want to rewind the tape until you get to the ninth championship, the matches of Rome and Lazio have followed the same script: first they go ahead, then they make each other and finally bring home the result: Roma-Milan 2-1, Fiorentina-Lazio 1-2. It is from the fourth day that the final results of the two Roman matches have been the same and have allowed the teams to collect the same points.

The last 8 results of the two Roman ones.

Fiorentina-Lazio 1-2 – Roma-Milan 2-1

Lazio-Torino 4-0 – Udinese-Roma 0-4

Roma-Napoli 2-1 – Milan-Lazio 1-2

Lazio-Celtic 1-2 – Borussia MOnchengladbach-Roma 1-2

The championship course from the fourth to the eleventh day.

Roma wins (vs Bologna) – Lazio wins (vs Parma)

Rome loses (vs Atalanta) – Lazio loses (vs Inter)

Roma wins (vs Lecce) – Lazio wins (vs Genoa)

Roma draw (vs Cagliari) – Lazio draw (vs Bologna)

Roma draw (vs Samp) – Lazio draw (vs Atalanta)

Roma wins (vs Milan) – Lazio wins (vs Lazio)

Roma wins (vs Udinese) – Lazio wins (vs Torino)

Roma wins (vs Napoli) – Lazio wins (vs Milan)

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