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The challenge of Taranto. "Franza or Spain … even if magna"

In the early 1500s the "Disfida di Barletta" was held, where 12 Italian knights defended the honor of the (still non-existent) nation against 12 French, already then interested in steel … Always in Puglia, in Taranto, today there is a another challenge with the French and their Indian allies, all armed to the teeth to make money on the former Ilva, ex Italsider … If at the time of the Riva the dilemma was between employment and the environment, today it is between environment and nothingness. Given that the economic premise for the French-Indians is the closure of the blast furnaces (which cannot even stop) and the simultaneous dismissal of about 5,000 workers. The question of the "penal shield" is a specious matter, since, if production is blocked, criminal offenses against the environment cannot be committed. While Arcelor Mittal's contractual default (even tens of millions of debts with suppliers) is certain, it managed to behave worse than the Italians, who squeezed the factory, to abandon it, but still with full employment.

Almost all of Italy is for sale, the one not already sold, so unscrupulous buyers are present who have the sole interest of making money on the entrepreneurial inconsistency of our representatives, including politicians. As far as the former Ilva is concerned, no one remembers that the Italsider of Taranto was specialized in construction steels, for which the production did not find any more outlet in spite of the ten-year crisis of the building sector. Sector where nearly one million unemployed are complaining, of which 10,000 only in Catania. A figure equivalent to the places at risk at the Arcelor Mittal. The only states that have growing GDP are those where construction works. First among all the United States, where there is a presiding judge, unpunished.

Leaving Milan, a jumble of "international" interests, Italy blocks construction, creating the premises for a crisis that drags all the sectors that, in any case, are positively involved in construction.

Thus the continuation of the Italian crisis determines a devaluation of our assets. Foreigners will take advantage of this decline, as they will have the opportunity to buy at half price. French or Indian, American or Russian, Chinese or Arab, everyone will benefit. The Italian political class, all of them, makes its own a saying of the age of the challenge of Barletta: "Franza or Spagna … pur se se magna". We think these are consistent "percentages" …

* Free Engineers Association

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