The carabinieri who beat Stefano Cucchi were condemned


The two carabinieri Alessio Di Bernardo is Raffaele D'Alessandro were sentenced to 12 years for intentional murder in the trial for the death of Stefano Cucchi. The accused-heads Francesco Tedesco he was sentenced to two years and six months for forgery and was acquitted on charges of intentional murder. This was established by the first Assize Court in Rome, which today decided on the fate of the five carabinieri, three of whom were accused of intentional homicide for the death of the Roman surveyor arrested in October 2009 for drugs and then died a week later in hospital.

"Stefano can rest in peace"

"Stefano was killed, we knew this and we have been repeating it for 10 years. Perhaps now he can remarry in peace"said Ilaria Cucchi, Stefano's sister, in the courtroom at the reading of the sentence." A little relief after 10 years of pain and untrue trials, "said Stefano's mother, Rita Calore, after the sentence, hugging her husband, Giovanni.

Public prosecutor Giovanni MusarĂ² had asked for a sentence of 18 years for the two carabinieri Di Bernardo and D'Alessandro accused of the beating. The first to speak of the blows he received from Stefano was Francesco Tedesco, also a defendant, for whom the prosecutor had asked for absolution from the unintentional murder and three and a half years of imprisonment for the accusation of forgery. After the sentence no reply was received from the prosecutor.

First of all, regarding the trial in the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Rome for five doctors from the Sandro Pertini hospital involved in the affair the sentence saw an acquittal and 4 prescriptions. Doctor Stefania Corbi acquitted.

Ilaria Cucchi with her parents Giovanni and Rita Calore

Medici: one acquitted, four prescribed

Judgment that arrives few minutes after the verdict on the doctors of Pertini hospital in Rome with which an acquittal and four prescriptions were decided. This was decided by the judges of the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Rome for five doctors from the Sandro Pertini hospital involved in the affair of Stefano Cucchi. Doctor Stefania Corbi acquitted. Accusations prescribed for the primary of the department of protected medicine of the hospital where the Roman surveyor, Aldo Fierro, and three other doctors Flaminia Bruno, Luigi De Marchis Preite and Silvia Di Carlo were admitted. For Corbi the absolution formula is "for not having committed the deed". For all the alleged crime is of culpable homicide.

The Pertini doctors' trial had a tortuous process. All were brought to trial initially for the charge of incapacitation (in the same trial three nurses and three prison officers, definitively acquitted) were also charged.

Sentenced in June 2013 for the crime of manslaughter, the same doctors were subsequently acquitted on appeal. And from there began a new procedural life made of a first intervention of the Cassation that delayed the process. The new appellate judges confirmed the acquittal that was challenged by the General Prosecutor. The Cassation postponed again by arranging a new trial activity that ended today.

The defender of the primary: embittered

"A sentence that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. It is not logical to understand why the acquittal of Dr. Corbi should also have resulted in the acquittal of the primary," said lawyer Gaetano Scalise, defender of the primary of the Sandro Pertini hospital, Aldo Fierro, commenting on the decision of the Rome Assize Court of Appeal. "We are waiting to read the reasons and we will almost certainly appeal to the Cassation", the criminal lawyer concludes.

The carabiniere kisses Ilaria

Immediately after the sentence, a carabiniere was visibly moved and kissed Ilaria Cucchi. "I did it because finally after all these years justice has been done," says the soldier as he accompanies Stefano's parents, also moved, out of the Rebibbia classroom where the trial was held.

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