The brawl almost touched between Vauro and Er Brasiliano a Diritto and Rovescio on Rete4


Last night a Right and Backhand on Rete 4 a clash between a man went on stage Paolo Del Debbio called "Brazil", and Vauro who intervened to defend Francesca Fagnani. The scene begins with Del Debbio, who gives the floor to the man, who begins by saying: "We are talking about the assumption that Rome is not fascist … Rome is my home, my village has order and discipline, you have to do what I say". Francesca Fagnani interrupts him by replying: "But in what movie? But if the carabinieri came to her one day and the other no … "and the other says" I'll show them to you … ". At that point Vauro intervenes saying "These are threats" and goes to face and come face to face with the guy: "He threatened a woman. These are threats! ", Says the cartoonist.

The other replies "Puzzi de vino" while Vauro tells him "Fascio di merda, ashamed, threaten a woman …" and Del Debbio intervenes: "Either you recover or I hunt both of you". The other still turns to Fagnani: "But he does not do it anymore …" and she replies again: "But" He does not do it any more "to whom?". The guy who intervenes with Vauro and Fagnani is called Massimiliano Minnocci called Er Brazilian and was one of the leaders of the protest in Casal Bruciato against the assignment of the social housing to a Roma family that was entitled to it last May. At the time the Fact told it like this:

There is Luca Marsella, the Spada's friend (Sinti clan) in Ostia. Also present "Er Brasiliano" Massimiliano Minnocci, prejudiced, ultra of Rome, social phenomenon for muscles and tattoos: he shows off the big head of Mussolini on his chest, swastikas and Celtic and also Hitler on his thigh. He ended up in the gallery of the horrors of Enrico Lucci (Realiti sciò, November 2018): “Selling cocaine on the street is wrong, I did it for campa. I used to go to the bar boni, to the negroes, these things here, no to the poor people, to those who break the coijoni. Where the slaughterhouse is, I'm here. "

massimiliano minnocci er brazilian 1

On the web there is also a video of October 2018 while he is arrested at the end of one of the many anti-degradation demonstrations of Casapound in the Roman suburbs, in Pietralata: "I pity you to cut off without balls, I'll kill you oh without balls ", yells at a policeman. And even two days ago he provoked an officer in riot gear: "Are you looking at me? What are you looking at? Do I look like a doll? "

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